The Sicilian Granita - the best breakfast experience!
Italy Travel · 11 August 2022
Granita and brioche are the absolute stars of summer breakfast in Sicily; a typical Sicilian breakfast with a long history. The Sicilian granita, in fact, is a typical dessert of the Sicilian culinary tradition born at the time of the Arab domination. The traditional Sicilian granita is usually based on almonds, pistachio, citrus fruits and even white mulberries and black mulberries. Where to try the best Granita in Sicily? Bar Alecci in Gravina, not far from Catania or the Bam Bar in Taormina.
Pasta al Ragù di Zucchine from Sicily
Italian Cuisine · 08 August 2022
This Zucchini ragù is a really delicious and easy to prepare as a first course. It can also be used as a condiment for any type of pasta but also for a baked lasagna or baked pasta. It can also be enriched, to make it even better, even with seafood, such as mussels or clams that will be added at the end to create a real gourmet dish. A beautiful dish not just for the summer season.....

Giuseppe Verdi's Nabucco with Luca Zingaretti - Watch it on RaiPlay
Italian Style · 07 August 2022
Guiseppe Verdi's Nabucco hosted on Rai3 by Luca Zingaretti. Even when watching it on TV and not live in the Arena di Verona, it takes you to the Arena to experience sensational settings and the drama of Verdi's opera (without commercial breaks). But beyond the artistic greatness of this opera, it is the political significance - given it later - that has decreed its long-lasting popularity. The parallelism between the opera and the Risorgimento movement is underpinned by the Va Pensiero anthem.
The coolest Italian Sunglasses to wear this summer!
Italian Design · 06 August 2022
If we take a step back in time, it is immediately clear to us that sunglasses have always played an important role in the history of fashion. Sunglasses are the accessory that identifies us par excellence and gives us a mysterious charm.Among the different lenses produced all over the world, Italian glasses stand out for their high quality and attention to detail based on the Made in Italy artisan tradition.

Jennifer Lopez visiting Capri for private charity event LuisaViaRoma
Italy Travel · 05 August 2022
A recent private charity event organized by the multi-brand luxury e-tailer LuisaViaRoma with Unicef on the island of Capri was extremely successful in terms of contributions of up to $8 million. Chairman Andrea Panconesi from LuisaViaRoma said “... the truth is that it’s difficult to compete with Capri. It’s the quintessence of the Italian style and we want to represent the best of Italy in the world.”Great success also for Jennifer Lopez's concert (dressed in Roberto Cavalli).
The New Gucci Romantics Décor Collection
Italian Decor · 04 August 2022
Designed by Alessandro Michele to create highly distinctive, imaginative, and poetic pieces for the new Gucci Décor line. Released this July, its new decorative home goods represent a fresh forms that utilize the “primacy of nature” as inspiration, and are infused with a feeling of romanticism and playfulness. The powerful, romantic collection of furniture, furnishings and decorative items from the House is designed to dress living spaces in a way that is both creative and contemporary.

Some great Italian Reads for the Beach or at the Pool during your holidays!
Italian Style · 03 August 2022
Is there anything better than spending a nice day on the beach in the company of a well-written Italian detective story? Some Italian authors have invented new central characters; others have given new life to investigators already adored by the general public. Whether Donato Carrisi's House of Voices or the lastest novel from Gianrico Carofiglio, The Measure of Time or even a revisit of Andrea Camilleri's Montalbano's conscience.
Delicious bruschetta:  fabulous examples for summer!
Italian Cuisine · 02 August 2022
Do you love bruschetta and want to surprise your friends with something different from the usual bruschetta with tomato and basil? Herewith some examples of alternative examples such as Bruschette di caprese alla bottarga; or Bruschetta al Tonno. Bruschetta is a name of Lazio-Abruzzo origin that has spread throughout the Italian peninsula to indicate bruscato, or toasted bread. Instead of the classic Tomato/Basil version why not try the Prawn and Pistachio version or with Carpaccio?

The next season of Il Paradiso delle Signore starting on 12 September!
Italian Style · 01 August 2022
Il paradiso delle signore is an Italian period drama television series on RAI Italian television, and its highly anticipated 7th season is returning on 12 September. The series focuses on the lives of the owner and workers of a department store based in Milan. The long running drama and most popular series on Rai TV is about a poor girl from the South of Italy coming to Milan to escape an unfaithful fiancé and finds a job as a salesperson for a department store and enters the world of fashion.
Fortuny Revival!
Italian Design · 31 July 2022
Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo (1871 to 1949) was considered the "Magician of Venice" during his lifetime. Born in Spain, scion of a family of artists, he was a universal genius and achieved world fame with his fabrics, his light installations and his pleated dresses, which were admired by Marcel Proust and many other artists and celebrities of the time. With his textile factory, which is still producing today, he left a unique legacy, not only to the Venetians.

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