Woman Maxi Bracelets - How do Italians wear them?
Italian Design · 06 December 2023
Maxi Bracelets where the mantra at the Italian autumn-winter 2023-2024 fashion shows. Whether multi-combos with pearls or slick shiny gold and bronze finishes. Whether Luisa Spagnoli's maxi bracelets, embellished with colored gems; precious Pomellato bracelets with black diamonds and gold mesh or Dolce & Gabbana crystal-embellished cufflinks.
A fabulous Christmas Dessert: Delizie al pandoro e pistacchio - Pandoro and Pistachio Delight
Italian Cuisine · 03 December 2023
Pandoro or panettone? In Italy, this triggers a big debate which of these two desserts is to be served at Christmas dinner. This year, however, the Istituto del Gelato Italiano and Sonia Peronaci propose a recipe based on pandoro and ice cream. A reinterpretation of a classic traditional Christmas dessert to make a truly refined dessert based on pistachio and pandoro flavored ice cream, covered with an irresistible penguin icing, for a spectacular effect.

Dish of the day: Vegetarian Carbonara with courgettes and mint!
Italian Cuisine · 01 December 2023
Today's dish of the day: a nice vegetarian carbonara with lots of courgettes and a few mint leaves. Yummy and light, with the mint gives freshness to the egg, the courgettes soften everything and the cheese gives that extra boost. In short, it's quick and nice and creamy Pasta dish. And easy to prepare.
Herno - Luxury Quality Outerwear Made in Italy!
Italian Design · 30 November 2023
At Herno, it all started with a raincoat. It was from that 1948 cotton, treated with castor oil from planes abandoned by the war, that a young Giuseppe Marenzi and his wife Alessandra Diana sensed the possibility of setting up a business. Herno's focus on designing functional first jackets, followed by high-performance coats. Superior workmanship as can only be found in Italy, but also practical and protecting against the elements, with chic design.

"Polpetta" the new Milan restaurant dedicated to meatballs
Italian Cuisine · 28 November 2023
It's called Polpetta and it's the latest trendy restaurant to arrive in Milan, in Via Tortona 21. A restaurant entirely dedicated to one of the best-known Italian dishes - the legendary meatball - il polpette. For many of us, the polpette or meatball is a lifestyle, unrivaled comfort food and with this new restaurant Polpetta has a new home in Milan. Early December, the fourth Polpetta brand restaurant will open, the first in Milan, after the Roman openings which were highly successful.
Xmas Trip to Venice ? View the new Murano Chandeliers at Piazza San Marco!
Italy Travel · 27 November 2023
"Murano illuminates the World" came to life on Friday evening, an exhibition project promoted by The Venice Glass Week and the Municipality of Venice which, for the first time in history, arranged for twelve Murano glass chandeliers to be fixed under the ceilings of the Procuratie Vecchie in Piazza San Marco. Many internationally renowned artists together with nine of the most prestigious Murano furnaces, contributed their designs to be displayed until late February at Piazza San Marco.

Tennis champions inspire favorite dish competition celebrating the ATP Finals in Torino
Italy Travel · 26 November 2023
On the occasion of the third edition of the ATP Finals in Turin, while underway, in parallel, the Defilippis Pastificio in Via Lagrange in Turin became a refuge for tennis fans, as tennis champions had indicated their favorite Italian dishes and Defilippis Pastificio prepared them and let customers vote on them. Thus creating a special menu for an event that brought the Piedmontese capital back to Olympic glories. And the majority vote went to the Alcarez dish: Mezze Maniche Cacio e Pepe.
New GEOX Campaign with Penelope Cruz!
Italian Design · 24 November 2023
Oscar-winning actress Penélope Cruz is GEOX’s first global brand ambassador. As an authentic and versatile artist, she captures the desire to feel good and look great every day.The brunette actress is set to co-design a capsule collection for the spring 2024 season in collaboration with her sister Monica. It’s a dynamic duo, merging Cruz’s innate understanding of fashion with Geox’s technological prowess. Its Italian footwear and clothing products feature impermeability and breathability.

A new Roman Hotel to relive the glories of Ancient Rome
Italy Travel · 24 November 2023
The new Six Senses Hotel in Rome, designed by designer Patricia Urquiola is a triumph of travertine, thermal baths and panoramic terraces. And there is also a restaurant with "archaeological" dishes, called Bivium, as well as a stunning rooftop terrace bar Notos Rooftop. The spaces, the finishes, the materials, and the art reinterpret Roman classicism and history into a contemporary vision and comfy hotel room to stay.
Everybody Loves Diamonds - new Italian TV Drama
Italian Style · 19 October 2023
Great anticipation for Everybody Loves Diamonds, the Italian TV series about the robbery of the century carried out by Leonardo Notarbartolo from Palermo. The TV Series on Prime, follows a team of small-time Italian thieves who manage to deceive top-level security to steal millions of dollars' worth of precious stones from the Antwerp Diamond Centre.Starring Kim Rossi Stuart in the role of Notarbartolo, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Leonardo Lidi, Carlotta Antonelli. The series was filmed in Turin.

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