Fluido - an alternative Slow Cuisine Motorway Caffe
Italy Travel · 25 May 2024
Fluido is a bar restaurant with fast-casual dining, open daily from 5 am to 10 pm. Located in Nepi between Rome and Viterbo, Fluido opened in 2021 at the CP petrol station. It aims to transform the concept of a service area by offering quality food, including homemade pastries, fresh pasta, express dishes, and cocktails. This initiative is part of a trend that seeks to revolutionize traditional service stations in Italy.
On the set of "The Leopard" a look behind the scenes of Visconti's masterpiece
Italian Style · 24 May 2024
The penultimate weekend of the Borghi dei Tesori Roots Fest is coming up. The upcoming second weekend, from Friday, May 17th to Sunday, May 19th, will focus on the villages in the Palermo area and the two villages of Trapani. Baucina and Ciminna will offer unique experiences for visitors. For example, in Ciminna, visitors can explore the film Il Gattopardo - The Leopard through 300 set photos and listen to the Te Deum in the church of Santa Maria Maddalena.

The famous Alvito nougat from the Antica Pasticceria di Tullio and Macioce Pasticceria
Italian Cuisine · 22 May 2024
In the small village of Alvito in Lazio, there is a centuries-old tradition of nougat production. The famous Alvito nougat is a specialty of this municipality and has a long and fascinating history. Every year, many nougats are produced in Alvito, a municipality in the province of Frosinone, in the Comino Valley, which is close to Abruzzo. This century-old tradition linked to nougat has attracted people from all over Italy to the two historic pastry shops that produce it: Macioce and Di Tullio.
The Formula 1 returns to Imola
Italian Style · 19 May 2024
The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola is set to draw 200,000 spectators for its return from May 17-19, 2024. This follows the cancellation of the 2023 event due to flooding. The significant turnout is crucial for the region, emphasizing the importance of Imola's presence in the Formula 1 calendar until 2030. Imola, officially the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari, has a storied history in F1 since 1980, known for its memorable races and rivalries.

Gucci's new burgundy cherry shade" Gucci Red - now even as Lipstick!
Italian Design · 18 May 2024
It is just one word - 'Ancora' - but above all, a color that distinguishes Sabato De Sarno's work at Gucci at the moment: Ancora Red. It's the new burgundy-cherry shade chosen for the double G logo seen in the latest fashion shows. This color also serves as the emblem of the communication campaign and has become a cult lip shade. The recent Gucci Cruise 2025 fashion show at the Tate Gallery in London showcased the new lip shade called 509 Still Red.
Famous Pasta dish from Naples: Ziti allo Scarperiello
Italian Cuisine · 17 May 2024
The “Ziti allo Scarperiello” is typical Neapolitan culinary dish with a long tradition, born in one of the most popular areas of the city: the Quartieri Spagnoli. From the historic Via Toledo, going up these alleys, you'll see the shoemakers, that back in the old times were repaid for their craftsmanship with what they had in their pantry. So with pieces of cheese available, the tomatoes and the basil leaves, a dish with a simple and genuine sauce was created. Which recipe has survived to today!

Molteni - an Italian Design Story - latest Rizzoli Book
Italian Decor · 13 May 2024
Molteni & C is an Italian industrial group in the furniture sector, founded in 1934 in Giussano, Italy. The company encompasses Molteni & C, Unifor, Dada, and Citterio and has evolved into an international corporation. Despite its growth, the company remains committed to quality, as it's an essential part of its heritage. A new book offers a cinematic view of Molteni & C‘Molteni Mondo. An Italian Design Story’ published by Rizzoli celebrates 90 years of the Italian furniture company.
Mother's Day - Festa della Mama in Italy: a special Strawberry Cake
Italian Style · 11 May 2024
Mother's Day originated in the mid-1950s for two reasons: commercial promotion and religious reasons. It was established by Raoul Zaccari, senator and mayor of Bordighera, and Giacomo Pallanca, president of the Bordighera-Vallecrosia Flower Fair Authority. The festival took hold throughout Italy and was confirmed on the second Sunday of May, starting from 2001. On this day children offer gifts to their mothers, such as drawings or other crafts, and celebrate with a special cake!

The best Italian Hotels according to the Michelin Guide
Italy Travel · 11 May 2024
Out of more than 500 hotels recommended by the Michelin guide throughout Italy, 8 hotels were awarded the highest honour of three Michelin keys. We have featured 4 of them due to their unique features and quirkiness: JK Place Capri - your luxury home from home; Corte Della Maestà - a boutique hotel furnished with antiques in a medieval village; Reschio Castle, a 5-star hotel located on a stunning estate in the province of Perugia; and finally the Casa Maria Luigia - hotel and food destination!
Learn to cook Sicilian at these 4 fabulous Cooking School
Italian Cuisine · 09 May 2024
Sicilian cuisine is a fascinating mixture that has evolved over centuries due to the influence of various conquerors who have shaped the island’s culture and culinary traditions. There is no doubt that experiencing a destination through its cuisine is one of the most delightful aspects of travel; and one way is by taking cooking lessons in the local area. We have highlighted 4 cooking schools: Le Chiuse de Guadagna, Case de Latomie, Nosco Cooking School and the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School.

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