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Our Mission

We reveal Italian Design, Style, Décor and Cuisine, as well as share the unique atmosphere and experience from our Italian travels. We highlight Made in Italy brands and businesses. We hope to inspire you to visit Italy and experience its glorious culture and style. So take a look around, we know you’ll love what you see.

“Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.”- Anna Akhmatova

Choose from various topics, whether design, style, travel or food - multiple new posts every week!

Italian Design

Highlighting Made in Italy Design, whether Laura Biagiotti, Ferragamo or Dolce & Gabbana. We suggest Resort Design looks from distinguished Italian brands for your next holiday, such as from Luisa Spagnoli. Fabulous jewellery design from Damiani or Chantecler and more.

Italian Style

Italian Style - tips on how to create the Italian look or exploring the Italian custom of the Aperitivo hour or Fare la Passeggiata before or after dinner. Insights on stars such as Sophia Loren and latest Italian Crime Novels based in Florence and more.

Italian Decor

Italian Design and Decor is world famous. We disclose decor ideas from the different regions of Italy, for you to bring that special Italia flair into your home. Whether the interior ideas from Armani Casa or Fendi Casa to transform your home with their decor and furniture. 

Italian Cuisine

Who does not adore the Italian cuisine? We feature different regions, and cooking styles, either nonna-influenced or recipes from famous Italian chefs. And we also share selected recipes which have been well tested! Recipes from Italian Michelin Star chefs, but also easy to prepare at home recipe from many regions.

Travel to Italy

Venice is always worth a trip - in particular in off-season. Why not immersing yourself in the rich baroque interior of the Hotel Ca Maria Adele in the Sestiere of Dorsoduro, the Modern Art District of Venice. Museums, Galleries, Shops allure art-interested and tourists. The Hotel is renown since 2014 as the most romantic boutique hotel in the world. Beautiful decor and lighting including fresh roses every 2 days and a fabulous breakfast service are some of the highlights. 

If you prefer to have more privacy while staying in Venice, there a fabulous option of staying at your own Mini-Palazzo. The Mini Palace is located 50 meters away from Hotel Ca Maria Adele and facing a small Canal next to the Salute’s Church. It is  an intimate yet charming 3 floors apartment for private and refined Stay. The ground floor consists on an eclectic lounge with white velvet sofa and a black marble fireplace and has its own private gondola landing stage ! Bedroom and main bathroom are located on the first floor, while a lovely 10 square meters terrace on the top floor offers you an amazing view of the Salute’s Church and the Giudecca Island up to San Giorgio Island. And even though there are very good restaurants close by, you may want to experience food and wine with a local guide and expert such as Gioia Tiozzo, a trained chef and sommelier, offering food and wine tours in Venice as well as cooking classes.

About us -

About us

We are a team of Italy lovers and regular travelers to the various regions of Italy for over 20 years. We speak Italian, cook Italian and are huge fans and conoscitore of Italian Design – Furniture, Kitchens, Cars, Fashion, Leather, Jewelry, as for their Culture, Music,  Literature and Films.

In this blog, we do not want to lecture on Italian history or politics but try to share experiences and the gioia di vivere, we always experience when travelling in Italy.

Enjoy! Divertiti!