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Feste della Cape 2024 - Cape Festival at Lignano Sabbiadoro
Italy Travel · 22 April 2024
Lignano Sabbiadoro is a small town located halfway between Venice and Trieste in the Province of Udine. It boasts of 5 miles of fine-sand beaches and excellent lodging structures, making it a popular destination for seaside tourism in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The town celebrates its connection with the sea through the Festa delle Cape or the Annual Cape Festival which took place in March of this year. Featuring the famous Razor Clams and Saor Sardines.
Rome Caracalla Baths - the return of Water after 1000 years attracts tons of tourists!
Italy Travel · 17 April 2024
The ancient baths of Caracalla in Rome, which were built by Emperor Septimius Severus in 212 AD and completed four years later by his successor Caracalla, have been without water for over 1,000 years. However, this month, local authorities unveiled a project to re-introduce water to the site by installing a large, shallow pool that reflects the towering walls of the ancient buildings.The ruins of the baths of Caracalla are now a popular tourist destination and host concerts and performances.

Luxury slow travel in Italy with the Orient Express La Dolce Vita
Italy Travel · 02 April 2024
The unveiling of the Orient Express La Dolce Vita later this year, a new “vintage-style” train which will travel around Italy on one—and two-night journeys. Full in the trend of slow travel, and an appetite for nostalgia the "new Orient Express Dolce Vita Train" redesigned by Dimorestudio, the architecture and design studio founded by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran. The train is a partnership between the French hotel group Accor and the Italian luxury hospitality group Arsenale S.P.A.
The Almond Tree Festival - Valley of the Temples
Italy Travel · 26 March 2024
In the Valley of the Temples near Agrigento in Sicily,there is a special festival dedicated to the blossoming of almond trees - Mandorlo in Fiore 2024. This year's festival in mid-February indicates the arrival of Spring and attracts people from all over the world. No different at this year's event which had over a week of folklore and music festivities. The festival took place this year from 9 to 17 March; celebrating the flowering of the almond trees in this ancient Valley of the Temples.

Near Palermo - a museum entirely dedicated to anchovies
Italy Travel · 07 March 2024
Every year the Museum of Anchovies and Maritime Arts in the fishing village of Aspra welcomes thousands of visitors and tells the story of Sicily. The brothers Girolamo and Michelangelo Balistreri have created a museum of the blue fish typical of Sicily, which narrates the qualities and gastronomic culture behind the famous anchovy. The museum is made up of a collection divided into ten rooms that allow the visitor to take a journey through relics and documents, including tasting.
Book your Forte Dei Marmi stay now!
Italy Travel · 01 March 2024
Forte dei Marmi remains one of Tuscany’s finest seaside towns with the broad stretches of sand, beach clubs – most with restaurants, some with boutiques, all with row upon row of sunbeds and umbrellas. And some owned by famous celebrities such as the Alpemare Beach Club by Andrea Bocelli. Pine forests and stunning views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Apuan Alps. Known for its luxury accommodation, we have highlighted 3 Hotel options: La Serena Hotel, Hotel Byron and the Principe di Piemonte.

A Giant replica of Roman Emperor Constantine placed on Capitoline Hill in Rome!
Italy Travel · 24 February 2024
The sculpture of Roman Emperor Constantine - 42-feet-tall, was recreated from existing fragments and with the help of latest 3D scanning and modeling technologies. Positioned in the garden of Villa Caffarelli of Musei Capitolini in Rome, where it will continue to be displayed until 2025. Produced by the Madrid-based digital preservation nonprofit Factum Foundation, the statue was first exhibited at Fondazione Prada’s 2022 exhibition “Recycling Beauty.”
Italian Gourmet Chef opens Fast Food Restaurant in historic Ostia Petrol Station
Italy Travel · 23 February 2024
Abruzzo Chef Niko Romito has opened a fast food restaurant in a historic petrol station in Ostia - ALT Stazione del Gusto. Second Roman opening for ALT Stazione del Gusto by Niko Romito with Enilive; with a track record of hundred openings in 4 years, to revolutionize travel catering with Enilive.

Milan's famous Fried Tortelli - not just for Carnival!
Italy Travel · 14 February 2024
As many Italian regions of Italy are celebrating the festive season of Carnival; also in the Lombardy and in particular in Milan - one item cannot be missing. The famous Fried Carnival Tortelli! Soft, crispy mini-donuts dipped in sugar and then filled with a variety of creams. With Carnival celebrations continuing beyond Ash Wednesday until Saturday 17 February, Milan's pastry shops are already busy preparing tortelli.
The Venice Carnival is underway!
Italy Travel · 03 February 2024
Sunday 28 January marked the official opening of the Venice Carnival. The procession of boats led by hundreds of masked rowers paraded along the Grand Canal. The events of the Venice Carnival have begun on Saturday 27th: a festival of various art shows will come into full swing from Saturday 3rd until the 13 February. Special events such as the Water show at the Arsenale - Terra Incognita and the Dinner show at the Ca' Vendramin Palazzo with the "At the Court of the Great Khan" theme.

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