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The new Palazzo Cordusio Hotel in Milan
Italy Travel · 07 July 2024
The new Palazzo Cordusio hotel in Milan pays homage to the city's enduring style. It's Gran Meliá's first property in Milan, combining Italian elegance with warm Spanish service. The hotel is located in the heart of Milan near the Duomo square and the Quadrilatero della Moda, offering access to the city's cultural heritage and contributing to the revival of Piazza Cordusio. With Italian and international cuisine and stunning 360º city views, Palazzo Cordusio is centrally located.
Italian Delight: Tour de France Kicks Off in Italy for Inaugural Start!
Italy Travel · 29 June 2024
Italy is gearing up to host the start of the Tour de France for the first time. The first stage will highlight the contribution to the sport by legendary Italian cyclists such as Gino Bartali and Marco Pantani. The Tuscan capital of Florence, usually known for its art and history, is set to attract an estimated 800,000 cycling fans for the Grand Départ of the Tour de France. This is the first time in the 121-year history of the race that Italy has hosted the start.

Fricassé d'baudisé Torino - Festival 15/16 June
Italy Travel · 15 June 2024
Discover the finest mixed fried food in Baldissero Torinese on Sunday, June 16th at the inaugural Fricassé 'd Baudisé. Enjoy traditional recipes from the restaurants that have made Baldissero famous for this dish.
Italian Summer Experience 2024 with Frecciarossa directly from Milan to Lecce in Puglia
Italy Travel · 31 May 2024
The Frecciarossa, Italy's high-speed train provide new services as part of the summer experience to Puglia starting next month. Direct route links to the Itria Valley, Salento, Gargano, Monopoli and Lecce. A weekend route that travels overnight operated by Frecciarossa and will run between Milan in the north and Lecce in the south. The train will depart from Milan at 10:45 pm, stopping at various cities before arriving in Lecce at 7:57 am. Choice of Intercity Notte berths or reserved cabins.

Caracalla Festival 2024, the summer program of the Rome Opera House
Italy Travel · 26 May 2024
Experience the magic of the Caracalla Festival in Rome, where ancient history meets world-class performances under the stars. Set within the majestic ruins of the Caracalla Roman Bath ruins. The Caracalla Festival will take place from 3 June to 10 August, featuring 60 evenings of opera, ballet, concerts, theatre, circus, and cinema at the Baths of Caracalla. The Caracalla Festival pays homage to the great composer with two new productions of Tosca and Turandot.
Fluido - an alternative Slow Cuisine Motorway Caffe
Italy Travel · 25 May 2024
Fluido is a bar restaurant with fast-casual dining, open daily from 5 am to 10 pm. Located in Nepi between Rome and Viterbo, Fluido opened in 2021 at the CP petrol station. It aims to transform the concept of a service area by offering quality food, including homemade pastries, fresh pasta, express dishes, and cocktails. This initiative is part of a trend that seeks to revolutionize traditional service stations in Italy.

The best Italian Hotels according to the Michelin Guide
Italy Travel · 11 May 2024
Out of more than 500 hotels recommended by the Michelin guide throughout Italy, 8 hotels were awarded the highest honour of three Michelin keys. We have featured 4 of them due to their unique features and quirkiness: JK Place Capri - your luxury home from home; Corte Della Maestà - a boutique hotel furnished with antiques in a medieval village; Reschio Castle, a 5-star hotel located on a stunning estate in the province of Perugia; and finally the Casa Maria Luigia - hotel and food destination!
The Rocco Forte Group arrives in Naples with a 5-Star Luxury Hotel in a noble Palazzo
Italy Travel · 29 April 2024
Luxury brands are increasingly turning their attention towards Palermo and Naples, particularly in the hospitality sector; such as the Rocco Forte Hotel Group. The Palazzo Caravita di Sirignano is a historic building that was built in 1535 and has been home to several noble dynasties. They signed an agreement with Rocco Forte to renovate the structure for 60 million euros, which will include 46 suites, a panoramic swimming pool terrace, two restaurants, and a spa.

From the Depths of Italy: Ancient Mysteries Unearthed in an Etruscan Bronze Lamp
Italy Travel · 23 April 2024
The Cortona lamp is a heavy bronze-hanging oil lamp that is shaped like a chandelier. It measures around 60cm across and weighs almost 60 kg. This lamp is believed to have originated from the Etruscan civilization - present-day Tuscany. New research has found that the Cortona lamp, a bronze artifact from central Italy, is much older than previously believed. It dates back to 480 BCE and features an ornate design depicting Dionysus and his revelers.
Feste della Cape 2024 - Cape Festival at Lignano Sabbiadoro
Italy Travel · 22 April 2024
Lignano Sabbiadoro is a small town located halfway between Venice and Trieste in the Province of Udine. It boasts of 5 miles of fine-sand beaches and excellent lodging structures, making it a popular destination for seaside tourism in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The town celebrates its connection with the sea through the Festa delle Cape or the Annual Cape Festival which took place in March of this year. Featuring the famous Razor Clams and Saor Sardines.

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