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World Aperitivo Day: the so-typical Italian ritual
Italian Style · 27 May 2023
"The aperitivo (aperitif) is a traditional Italian ritual that combines a food product or a gastronomic preparation combined with a drink". It is part of Italian culture, as explained in article 1 of the Italian Aperitif Manifesto which has its anniversary on May 26. The opening day of the Aperitivo Festival, a three-day event (26-28 May 2023) that will enliven Milan to celebrate ( and reflect) the ritual that most of all represents Italy in the world of good living.
Pre-plan your Italian 2023 Beach Experience!
Italian Style · 17 May 2023
Dressing for the beach seems simple enough, but for your planned Italian seaside holiday, you better do your research. As Italian Dolce Vita beaches and beach clubs are renown for its style and stylish guests. We have turned to some of the best known Italian clothing brands such as Luisa Spagnoli, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Max Mara for inspiration. Four key items to shape your Italian Beach Look: the beach bag, Beach Cover-up, Après-Beach sets and stunning Beach Evening Dresses.

World Cocktail Day: the Negroni reigns supreme
Italian Style · 14 May 2023
World Cocktail Day is a global celebration of cocktails; it marks the publication date of the first definition of a cocktail on May 13 in 1806. Online Drinks Retailer, The Bottle Club, has revealed the most popular cocktail recipes, based on Google search volume demand – and has crowned the gin-based Negroni as number 1. It topped the list as the most popular cocktail recipe with 933,000 global searches. Of Florence origin, the best Negroni can be enjoyed at Caffè Gilli or Il Rasputin.
TV Series to watch on Rai Replay in May!
Italian Style · 11 May 2023
Some of new TV series and episodes on RAI Replay in May! Such as Season 7 of "Un passo Dal Cielo"; or "Vivere non è un gioco da ragazzi" - Living is not a boy's game - based on the book by Fabio Bonifacci. "Blanca" - new episodes with Maria Chiara Giannetta playing a blind police profiler. Or "Imma Tataranni", TV series about a deputy prosecutor using unconventional methods to investigate cases.

Rome Fiumicino - the only airport with a real Bernini Statue!
Italian Style · 01 May 2023
Bernini’s Salvator Mundi Goes on View at Rome's Fiumicino Airport. For tourists arriving at the airport normally signals the end of sightseeing, but they now get the opportunity to see one of the Baroque sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s best known works, while checking their gate number. The Bernini sculpture is a marble depiction of Christ from 1679 and will remain in its new spot for four weeks as part of a strategy to promote the region’s cultural offering.
The Arlecchino - the elegant Italian historic Designer Train
Italian Style · 23 April 2023
This electric train, called lovingly Arlecchino is a ETR 300, known as "Settebello-type" for its use on the former Settebello train service. Called Arlecchino due to the different colors of the seats in the various carriages and twin of the Settebello, both characterized by sitting rooms placed both at the front and at the rear. the "new" Arlecchino is an exact replica of the 1960s train. Even the service has been revived: The barmen serve expertly brewed espressos in the same ceramic cups....

Spring has arrived in Italy! What to wear? For sure Colours!!
Italian Style · 17 April 2023
Like the famous song by Loretta Goggi in 1981 - Maladetta Primavera - - April 2023 is upon us, and with it the worries related to the perfect work outfit. As we are still continuing with a hybrid working mode - of working from home (Zoom Call!) or going into the city to the office. And with spring in the air who does not feel like wearing colours! We see bright street style in purple, red or green! Great styles from Carla Ferroni, Luisa Spagnoli or PINKO. All Italian Brands!
La Pasquetta - means in Italy Easter Monday Picnic!
Italian Style · 11 April 2023
More than four out of ten Italians (43%) chose Easter Monday - La Pasquetta to have a picnic or a trip out of town to the sea, in the mountains, in the countryside or in any case in the greenery, inside and outside the cities. Very often, the food for the outing is left over from Easter, including the traditional portions of lamb. And of course a savoury pie such as the La Torta Pasqualina or a Frittata. Combined with a glass of Franciacorta or Vermentino.

"The Leopard" becomes a series - casting in Palermo for the Extras
Italian Style · 01 April 2023
Sicily confirms its role as the perfect location for films and TV series. Hence, it is no coincidence that Palermo was chosen for the filming of the new Netflix series inspired by The Leopard, the best known novel by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa: reference was also made to Syracuse. This is confirmed by Francesco Italia, mayor of the Municipality in question. Syracuse will become one of the main locations of the new Netflix series with an all-Sicilian flavor, and already in the coming months. I
New Blanco album with duet with Mina
Italian Style · 27 March 2023
Blanco will feature Mina in his new album to be released on April 14. This collaboration, is seen as a type of redemption for Blanco's embarrassing incident at the San Remo Festival this year. During the performance of his new song, the singer had a tantrum, not hearing his voice, he destroyed all the scenery set up for his performance. The artist subsequently apologized publicly. Mina sent a message from her retreat in Lugano, confirming enthusiastically confirming the collaboration.

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