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"The Leopard" becomes a series - casting in Palermo for the Extras
Italian Style · 01 April 2023
Sicily confirms its role as the perfect location for films and TV series. Hence, it is no coincidence that Palermo was chosen for the filming of the new Netflix series inspired by The Leopard, the best known novel by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa: reference was also made to Syracuse. This is confirmed by Francesco Italia, mayor of the Municipality in question. Syracuse will become one of the main locations of the new Netflix series with an all-Sicilian flavor, and already in the coming months. I
New Blanco album with duet with Mina
Italian Style · 27 March 2023
Blanco will feature Mina in his new album to be released on April 14. This collaboration, is seen as a type of redemption for Blanco's embarrassing incident at the San Remo Festival this year. During the performance of his new song, the singer had a tantrum, not hearing his voice, he destroyed all the scenery set up for his performance. The artist subsequently apologized publicly. Mina sent a message from her retreat in Lugano, confirming enthusiastically confirming the collaboration.

2 new Crime Dramas to watch on RAI Streaming
Italian Style · 03 March 2023
2 new great dramas on Rai Play. Sei Donne - Six Women - series with Maya Sansa in the role of Anna Conti, the prosecutor engaged in the investigation in search of Leila, a missing girl. Largely set in Taranto but also in Polignano a Mare, Monopoli and Torre Canne in Puglia. Another new crime drama: Resta con me - Stay with me with Francesco Arca playing a Vice Questore based in Naples; whose career and life dramatically changes when he and his wife, a judge are involved in a shooting.
San Valentino - some special St Valentines experiences in Italy!
Italian Style · 07 February 2023
Tradition has it that on Valentines Day - San Valentino lovers exchange small gifts, flowers or chocolates. Why not treat yourselves with a special experience such as a special candle night event in Rome; or a fabulous dinner at the Castelli Romani with stunning views or a romantic escape to Venice or visit the origin of San Valentino - Terni for a romantic week-end in the hills of Umbria.

Angela Brambati yesterday & today: the queen of "Richi & Poveri"
Italian Style · 14 January 2023
Angela Brambati was the leading singer of the Italian Pop group Ricchi e Poveri, one of the most acclaimed groups at the time. If we look at the past Italian musical history, Ricchi e Poveri have been one of the most famous and acclaimed pop groups in Italy. The group established in 1967, in the seaside city of Genoa. Angela Brambati was not only part of the group; she was the star, the lead singer. Born on October 20, 1947; she is now 75 years old and can look back at an incredible career.
Hercule Poirot in Venice: shooting for Kenneth Branagh's new film started
Italian Style · 11 January 2023
After the great success of the films Murder on the Orient Express and Murder on the Nile, Kenneth Branagh returns to take on the role of Hercule Poirot, the famous Belgian detective born from the pen of Agatha Christie. The real star of the new feature film will be Venice which is hosting the production of A Haunting In Venice, the new shocking supernatural thriller inspired by the novel Ordeal by Innocence. A stellar cast that includes Branagh, Riccardo Scamarcio, Jamie Dornan and Tina Fey.

Resolutions for 2023 to experience Italy to the fullest!
Italian Style · 03 January 2023
The New Year is an opportunity to reflect on what we want in life and from ourselves, and good resolutions are an opportunity for growth and challenge. Here are a few resolutions for you to experience Italy differently - adopting a little bit of the Italian way of life.
Paolo Giordano wins 11th edition of the Quality Literature Classification with "Tasmania"
Italian Style · 10 December 2022
Paolo Giordano won the eleventh edition of the Quality Classification: his novel Tasmania (Einaudi) is the book of the year for the jury of «la Lettura». Paolo Giordano is a physicist and a bestselling writer. His first novel, THE SOLITUDE OF PRIME NUMBERS, was translated into more than 40 languages worldwide and won the Premio Strega. He had also became second twice in the Quality Ranking, in the first edition of 2012 with The human body (Mondadori) and in 2018 with Divorare il cielo.

Boom of second homes: Italians are changing their lifestyle
Italian Style · 24 November 2022
There is a boom in the purchase of second homes among Italians. Whether by the sea or in the mountains, the important thing is that they are suitable for smart working and to get away from the daily environment and routine. This increase is particularly evident in seaside cities – where the increase is as much as 43.4% – the increase remains significant even in the mountains and lakeside resorts.
Diabolik 2 - New Italian Action Film starring Giacomo Gianniotti and  Monica Bellucci
Italian Style · 12 November 2022
Diabolik - Ginko attacks! is the second part of an adaptation of Angela and Luciana Giussani’s international bestselling comic-book series, which has sold more than 150 million copies. A new adventure in the Diabolik and his accomplice Eva Kant adventure against a more combative Inspector Ginko than ever.The film stars Giacomo Gianniotti in the role of the charming master thief Diabolik, and Monica Bellucci.The film locations are Milan, Bologna and Trieste

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