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Boom of second homes: Italians are changing their lifestyle
Italian Style · 24 November 2022
There is a boom in the purchase of second homes among Italians. Whether by the sea or in the mountains, the important thing is that they are suitable for smart working and to get away from the daily environment and routine. This increase is particularly evident in seaside cities – where the increase is as much as 43.4% – the increase remains significant even in the mountains and lakeside resorts.
Diabolik 2 - New Italian Action Film starring Giacomo Gianniotti and  Monica Bellucci
Italian Style · 12 November 2022
Diabolik - Ginko attacks! is the second part of an adaptation of Angela and Luciana Giussani’s international bestselling comic-book series, which has sold more than 150 million copies. A new adventure in the Diabolik and his accomplice Eva Kant adventure against a more combative Inspector Ginko than ever.The film stars Giacomo Gianniotti in the role of the charming master thief Diabolik, and Monica Bellucci.The film locations are Milan, Bologna and Trieste

Tiziano Ferro - the new album "Il mondo è nostro"
Italian Style · 11 November 2022
Tiziano Ferro is about to return in style with his new album "The World is Ours" which will be released on 11th November. We have been spoiled with Tiziano Ferro's hits and songs in the past and cannot wait for the new single "La Vita Splendida". The album boasts the collaboration of some important Italian artists and a very special international musician, the great Sting which together with Tiziano Ferro proposes a new version of Sting's successful song "For Her Love".
Biagio Antonacci - Palco Centrale tour 2022 - Live Central Stage Tour
Italian Style · 06 November 2022
The Palco Centrale Tour 2022 by Biagio Antonacci marks the live return of Biagio who for the occasion has chosen to perform in one of most important Italian sports halls on "central stage" - the Jeselo Vivaldi Theatre on 5 November. An opportunity to retrace all of Biagio's greatest hits, such as Liberatemi, Mi fai stare bene or Sapessi dire no - at close distance together with the Milanese singer-songwriter.

Polo del Gusto - Riccardo Illy driving for Product Excellence in Italy
Italian Style · 03 November 2022
Riccardo Illy, founder of Polo del Gusto, a sub-holding of Gruppo Illy that brings together brands of excellence from the world of Food & Beverage. In the Polo del Gusto project three ideas coexist: a family idea, a business idea, an idea of innovative development. The entrepreneur from Trieste, has put together, under the same roof, a series of brands that interpret the unique quality, stand for sustainability, unique products such as Damman, Domori, Mastrojanni, Agrimontana and Pintaudi.
Crime Inspectors and their favorite foods
Italian Style · 30 October 2022
Italian crime and Food - in Gianrico Carofiglio crime novels, food plays an important role but emerges only in the key phases of the stories. Lawyer Guido Guerrieri favorite dish to prepare is the Spaghetti all'Assassina, as discussed in the novel "The Measure of Time". Inspector Montalbano is deeply linked to his home country and above all - to food. So nearly every day, he finds delicious Sicilian dishes prepared by Adelina in his refrigerator, such as Pasta 'ncasciata, Salvo's favorite dish.

Toni Servillo's new film - La Stranezza - Strangeness
Italian Style · 26 October 2022
Toni Servillo transformed himself again - this time in Roberto Andò's new film "La stranezza" as Luigi Pirandello. Other actors include Servillo Ficarra and Picone in the role of two gravediggers. The story is about Pirandello returning to his hometown for Verga's 80th birthday in 1920, where is beloved nanny dies. The two gravediggers help the writer to ensure a decent burial for the deceased. Pirandello, finally gets the idea for his new play which will transcend all of his prior work.
Rome Film Festival celebrating famous couple Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward
Italian Style · 13 October 2022
The Rome Film Festival starts on the 13th October and is running until the 23rd. The fest will host 130 films across 28 screens across the city. James Ivory will be lauded with a career honor and the debut of his new documentary, “A Cooler Climate.” There will be a retrospective of his films, included “Mr. and Mrs. Bridge” starring Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Even Russell Crowe will be attending to promote his second directorial effort “Poker Face.” Crowe plays a tech gambler millionaire.

Sophia Loren - Red Carpet at the Milan restaurant which bears her name
Italian Style · 12 October 2022
On Monday 10 October, the great movie star Sophia Loren was in Milan to promote the restaurant that bears her name - Sophia Loren Restaurant. Sophia Loren looked better than ever as she attended her restaurant opening in Milan just weeks after her 88th birthday. The The Life Ahead star looked chic in an elegant white trouser suit and classic silk blouse, which she teamed with heeled boots and a dazzling jewelled necklace.
Enzo Ferrari - Film with Adam Driver being filmed
Italian Style · 11 October 2022
Hollywood's fascination with famous Italian brands is now being topped by Adam Driver set to play Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann’s upcoming biopic Ferrari. The movie is being shot in Italy, and features Penélope Cruz, Shailene Woodley, Patrick Dempsey and obviously Adam Driver. It’s set during the summer of 1957 when Ferrari entered the Mille Miglia Race covering 1,609 km of Italy. The movie is based on the book Ferrari – The Man and the Machine, by author Brock Yates.

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