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Mother's Day - Festa della Mama in Italy: a special Strawberry Cake
Italian Style · 11 May 2024
Mother's Day originated in the mid-1950s for two reasons: commercial promotion and religious reasons. It was established by Raoul Zaccari, senator and mayor of Bordighera, and Giacomo Pallanca, president of the Bordighera-Vallecrosia Flower Fair Authority. The festival took hold throughout Italy and was confirmed on the second Sunday of May, starting from 2001. On this day children offer gifts to their mothers, such as drawings or other crafts, and celebrate with a special cake!
Jovanotti's Song for the 2024 Giro D'Italia!
Italian Style · 16 April 2024
Italian musician Jovanotti, who is known for his love of cycling, has written the theme song for the 107th edition of the Giro d'Italia. The race will begin in Venaria Reale on May 4th, 2024 and end in Rome on May 26th of the same year. The organizers of the Giro d'Italia have expressed their gratitude to Jovanotti for his contribution, stating that it will significantly promote the Corsa Rosa. Even Rai, the Italian public broadcaster, has expressed its pride in collaborating with Jovanotti,

Jannik Sinner dazzles in Gucci for new Vogue magazine profile
Italian Style · 13 April 2024
In a new profile, the Italian reveals his further goals in what's been an "almost perfect" season thus far, which include more majors and the Paris Olympics. Jannik Sinner is getting comfortable in high fashion. For the second time in less than a year, the Italian has graced the pages of the U.S. fashion magazine Vogue. Just days after winning his third title of the season at the Miami Open, where he was photographed by Norman Jean Roy styled in Gucci.
Italian Capital of Culture for 2026: L'Aquila
Italian Style · 08 April 2024
Aquila in Abruzzo won the title of Italian Capital of Culture for 2026. Announced by the minister and representatives of the other 9 finalist cities. The other candidate cities will be our allies and accomplices in creating a new Italian cultural network ", commented the mayor Pierluigi Biondi after the announcement. "L'Aquila is preparing to experience its fifteenth anniversary of the earthquake: the recognition of Italian Capital of Culture (...) helps to rebuild the fabric of our community.

Stanely Tucci returns to Palermo for a National Geographic Episode
Italian Style · 25 March 2024
Stanley Tucci, the American actor returns to Palermo, wandering around the market stalls across the Capo Market. Tucci is shooting an episode of a TV series that will be produced for National Geographic. He had already been to Palermo in 2019 to shoot a CNN documentary. Now he's back for a new series with the provisional title "Tucci - The Heart of Italy". In a video on Instagram, the Hollywood star was filmed while walking among the stalls full of vegetables, fruit and food at the Capo Market.
Race for Glory - Audi vs Lancia with Riccardo Scamarcio
Italian Style · 18 March 2024
The movie Race for Glory - Audi vs Lancia - a true David vs. Goliath story spotlighting the intense rivalry between Audi and Lancia at the 1983 Rally World Championship. Against all odds, Lancia battles to regain its former glory with a combination of innovation and courage. After its release in the United States, Canada and France, the movie Race for Glory – Audi vs Lancia has now arrived in Italian theatres. With Riccardo Scamarcio who is also the Producer, Daniel Brühl and Volker Bruch.

Why Mimosa Flowers for Womens Day in Italy?
Italian Style · 09 March 2024
The former partisans Rita Montagnana, Teresa Mattei and Teresa Noce chose the yellow flower, the Mimosa. The women were elected on 2 June 1946 to the constituent assembly to write the Constitutional Charter together. Teresa "Chicchi" Mattei was responsible for choosing the Mimosa which happened to grow at the beginning of March. In line with Women's Day - La Festa della Donna - the Veneto Pasticceria KoSìdolce has created two gluten-free cakes with tropical fruit cream and caramel cream.
Netflix announces 'A.C.A.B' the TV series to be filmed between Rome and Piedmont
Italian Style · 05 March 2024
A.C.A.B. the new 6-episode serial project produced by Cattleya - directed by Michele Alhaique, is arriving soon on Netflix. It takes a look at a controversial riot cops unit, told through the stories of three veteran cops and a young recruit. Of the original cast of the film only Marco Giallini remains, and is joined, for this new project, by Adriano Giannini, Valentina Bellè, Pierluigi Gigante & Fabrizio Nardi. The series is based on the novel ACAB by Carlo Bonini and movie.

Florence Airport to feature 19-Acre Vineyard atop new Terminal Roof
Italian Style · 12 February 2024
Of course this can only happen in Italy - and in one of Italy's most famous wine regions - the Tuscany. Amerigo Vespucci Airport in Florence, Italy is redefining what house wine means. The regional airport will feature a 19-acre vineyard on the roof of its planned new terminal building. The airport will also be connected to the city center via a light rail system, so we will not need to worry about driving..The structure will be built in two phases, with the first portion opening in 2026.
The famous Sanremo Music Festival 2024 has kicked off in San Remo
Italian Style · 08 February 2024
The Sanremo Music Festival 2024 is the 74th edition of the annual Sanremo Music Festival, a television song contest held in the Teatro Ariston of Sanremo, organised and broadcast by RAI. The iconic and prestigious music festival runs between Tuesday and Saturday, and it will once again be used to choose Italy’s entry for Eurovision. There are 30 acts competing in this year’s festival. In a change from recent editions, all 30 of them performed during night one of the competition.

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