The revival of Gucci's Tennis Collection!

Gucci is set to release a capsule collection of tennis gear and accessories in June. The collection will include a duffel bag, racket backpack, regular bag, shoe holders, caps, wristbands, as well as the Tennis 1977 and Ace sneakers. These items will feature a white-on-white version of the signature GG monogram with striped Web accents. The GG monogram duffel bag and Ace sneakers are currently available at select Gucci Paris stores on Rue Royale and Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. These stores have dedicated window displays featuring the green and red Web stripes. In the late '70s, Gucci began offering tennis-related products, focusing on accessories and footwear. One of their early products was the Tennis 1977 sneakers, which was among the first sneakers produced by a luxury brand. Gucci continued to expand its sportswear line into the '80s, gaining popularity among athletes and tennis enthusiasts.

A selection of the Tennis Collection items, such as the GG monogram duffel bag and Ace sneakers, are already available at the Gucci Paris flagship stores before the global rollout and on the brand’s online store. These items are featured in a dedicated window display adorned with the green and red Web stripes. Gucci's interest in tennis began in the late '70s when the brand expanded its line of tennis-related products, focusing on accessories and footwear, including the Tennis 1977 sneakers, one of the first luxury brand sneakers. The brand's involvement in tennis continued into the '80s with a ready-to-wear selection.

Sinner became a Gucci ambassador in 2022 and was recently featured in the brand’s “Gucci is a feeling” campaign. The campaign featured reportage-style images of him on a tennis court, showcasing different versions of the iconic Gucci GG monogram duffel bag, which he first carried at the Wimbledon Championships last year. The fashion world's adoration for tennis continues to thrive. Louis Vuitton recently launched its latest “Core Values” campaign, with Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal and his rival Roger Federer as its faces. Additionally, Kiton and its sibling label KNT have introduced a tennis capsule collection.

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