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Gucci's Interpretation of the Four Seasons - High Jewelry Collection Allegoria
Italian Design · 26 August 2023
There is no doubt that Italians have a certain expertise when it comes to artistic interpretations of the four seasons. Whether in painting, literature or music, such as the Four Seasons by Vivaldi. And now Gucci has launched its interpretation with its High Jewelry Collection Allegoria. Exquisite designs with rare gemstones create astonishing masterpieces for each season in a fabulous setting in Florence. Bravo!
Fashion Brands feature in Puglia
Italian Design · 14 August 2023
Until now, international tourism has been the fastest growing sector in Puglia; but most recently the fashion sector has started to focus on Puglia to diversify their investments. The most popular areas are Ostuni, Fasano and the Valle d'Itria. A number of global fashion brands, including Dolce&Gabbana and Valentino choose Puglia as the backdrop to their latest fashion events. Giorgio Armani choosing Puglia for the cultivation of eco-sustainable cotton.

Retracing Puglia's Heritage - Dolce&Gabbana High Jewelry collection
Italian Design · 30 July 2023
Puglia inspired this year's Dolce & Gabbana's Alta Gioielleria (High Jewellery ) collection which was presented among olive groves in Alberobello, a Unesco World Heritage site, with many VIPs and Stars in attendance, such as Dame Helen Mirren, Diana Ross and Erling Haaland, as well as Kim Kardashian.The splendid Jewellery creations meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans stand as symbols and testaments of the authentic Puglia territory.
Superga - the Iconic Italian Shoe
Italian Design · 19 July 2023
Superga is a classic Italian tennis shoe - an icon which has kept its timeless charm. in 1925, Martiny created one of the first sports shoes in the world with vulcanised rubber sole to meet the needs of his tennis wife. At the time, tennis players used canvas shoes with rope soles. Martiny, starting from a mold of the rope sole, reproduced them in natural rubber: a non-slip and resistant product. It is precisely from that the characteristic "orange peel" sole is is born - the classic Superga®.

Valentino Couture Show - a show of paradoxes of colours and prints
Italian Design · 13 July 2023
'Simplicity’ and ‘Paradoxes’ were the two conceptual drivers framing Pierpaolo Piccioli’s haute couture collection for Valentino Couture, held on the grand grounds of the Château de Chantilly. “Simplicity is complexity resolved,” he said at the press conference, quoting artist Constantin Brancusi, whose sculptures are the modernist embodiment of absolute purity. Trademarks of this collection, the large long dangling gemstone earrings and bow flats. The fabulous prints inspired by Brancusi.
Giorgio Armani's Prive Couture Collection for Fall 2023 - Red, Black and Gold
Italian Design · 09 July 2023
The 88-year-old designer Giorgio Armani presented a simple colour palette of Red, Black and Gold in his latest Prive collection. The collection closed the show with a red bridal dress, the sparkling white bodice covered in red flowers. Flowers in particular roses, where the key theme of Armani's haute couture collection in Paris, with over 67 looks.

Walter Albini, the genius who revolutionized Italian fashion
Italian Design · 03 July 2023
There are many dormant brands with a glorious history which for financial reasons cease to exist at a certain point. As happened to that of Walter Albini, the designer who, in the 70s, created prêt-à-porter, unisex fashion shows, fashion made in Italy. But now the Walter Albini brand is to be revived: the Swiss investment platform Bidayat, has just acquired the intellectual property and a large part of the archives of the Italian designer and intends to relaunch the brand in a big way.
The new Bulgari Mediterranean High Jewelry Collection
Italian Design · 10 June 2023
The new Bulgari Mediterranean Collection reflects the multi-faceted cultures Rome and Venice have built bridges across distant and fascinating cultures through the "roads" of the Mediterranean Sea. Dazzling High Jewelry pieces like the Mediterranean Muse Necklace with aquamarines and sapphires, the Esedra Necklace featuring a 68 carat Emerald, the Mediterranean Sapphire Necklace with sapphires and diamonds or the Oriental Buds Necklace inspired by Indian Mughal motifs. Dazzling craftsmanship!

Prada's new bag collection featuring Scarlett Johansson
Italian Design · 08 June 2023
One of the most popular Prada bags has been the Galleria model, first conceived in 2007, has become a successful carryover signature bag, and has now again highlighted this design through a new impactful campaign fronted for the first time by Scarlett Johansson.
La Vacanza 2023 - the new Versace Collection wanting you to travel to Italy NOW!
Italian Design · 03 June 2023
Donatella Versace and Dua Lipa present their co-designed women's collection at Versace's first see-now-buy-now fashion show on the French Riviera. Very Versace but with late 60s touch - love those pastels and coiffure!You immediately want to pack your bags (obviously with this collection) and leave for your holiday in Italy.

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