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Ideal Pasta dish for hot summers: Pasta with Sicilian ricotta pesto
Italian Cuisine · 14 September 2023
As already covered in one of our earlier articles on preparing and eating cold dishes during hot summers. Here another fabulous easy and delicious recipe. Thanks to Il Gusto. Cold pasta with ricotta pesto, which some define as Sicilian pesto, falls perfectly into this category. Inspired by Sicilian pesto - with almond pesto. And it requires the same pasta shape: short, it doesn't go well with spaghetti. For more intense flavor add Buffalo ricotta and possibly pine nuts as well.
Prosciutto and figs - a symbol of Roman summer
Italian Cuisine · 31 August 2023
In Rome, a popular snack to eat during summer is white pizza with figs and prosciutto. It the old days, figs were very affordable and considered the bread of the poor and eaten with focaccia. Hence, the expression used: “Mica pizza e fichi”, it’s not pizza and figs! Today, Roman white pizza is used instead of focaccia and prosciutto is also added. The pairings of these two ingredients continues to inspire chefs and pizza makers.

Prosciutto Toscano DOP - 3 Quick Appetizer for a perfect Summer Aperitivo Invitation!
Italian Cuisine · 22 August 2023
Prosciutto Toscano DOP is excellent not only as an appetizer but also for delicious finger food to combine with bubbles or the freshest cocktails. Prosciutto Toscano earned PDO recognition in 1996, which specified that prosciutto made only in Tuscany according to the production regulations can be called Prosciutto Toscano PDO. Here 3 scrumptious appetizer for a delightful aperitivo with friends or family. Tramezzini with Prosciutto Toscano DOP or Crostatine salate or a Torta di Tramezzini.
Glorious example of Italian Seafood Cuisine Galore!
Italian Cuisine · 21 August 2023
Ferragosto Summer Holidays are in full swing in Italy! Beach, swimming, water sports, sunbathing and food are the most important past times. So have a look at this beautifully located restaurant on the Versilia Coast, in Castiglioncello - La Baracchina. It is like gone to Seafood heaven! The restaurant's location right at the sea, guarantees zero kilometres for all of your seafood. And the creation and serving of these fabulous fish dishes could not be more beautiful and delicious!

Puglian Summer Dishes to beat the heat!
Italian Cuisine · 15 August 2023
Puglia is one of the most favorite holiday destinations for Italians. And the current temperatures are ideal for long beach days. But what are the perfect foods to beat the heat? Obviously fruit and vegetables are very valid allies in the fight against heat exhaustion. One of Italians favorites legumes are zucchini, which have an enormous source of minerals; Similar is the cucumber, which has as much as 96% water.As for fruit, the most suitable foods are melon and watermelon.
Mark in your diary: 29 July Lasagna Day!
Italian Cuisine · 27 July 2023
It is the Italian Sunday dish par excellence. Lasagna is a loved and popular dish - in all its varieties in Italy. And it has a dedicated day: which falls on July 29. National Lasagna Day is an unofficial holiday, but it is one that people love to celebrate - especially in Italy. So a perfect excuse to eat on July 29, this delicious dish made with flat pasta sheets, bechamel, meat, tomato sauce and mozzarella. But try also some other versions: With vegetables, or with Pesto or with Seafood.

Tiramisù cake - a heavenly Italian cake to spoil yourself and your family!
Italian Cuisine · 20 July 2023
Tiramisu cake is a creamy and delicious layered cake that is made with some of the basic ingredients of the classic tiramisu recipe such as coffee and mascarpone, but without eggs. Its impressive look makes it perfect as a birthday cake; but the Tiramisù cake is also a delicious dessert. Filled and decorated with a soft and fluffy mascarpone cream with cream and coffee, but without eggs and finally dusted with bitter cocoa.
Il chinotto di Savona- famous Citrus Fruit from Liguria
Italian Cuisine · 18 July 2023
Chinotto is usually referred to an Italian soft drink. But indeed it is actually a fruit, a citrus fruit with a slightly bitter taste. Believed to have come via China to Liguria; cultivated since the 19th century. It is usually used in Italian pastries as candied fruit or syrup. Also as a bitter and soft drink. The drink was known in antiquity as a dark-hued, bitter-tasting variant of orange juice, and was considered as refreshment. Industrial production of Chinotto soda dates to the 1950s.

Delicious Italian Summer recipes without cooking!
Italian Cuisine · 17 July 2023
With the arrival of summer and the first heatwave, the search for dishes without cooking, i.e. cold and quick dishes, is seen as a sort of fallback, but can still deliver great flavour and textures. The difference makes the choice of the right ingredients and seasoning. Think of colorful salads such as the Panzanella salad or swordfish tartare or pasta with fresh cold sauces with fresh tomatoes or with Pesto Trapanese.
Anchovies - Rich in taste and versatile for many recipes!
Italian Cuisine · 12 July 2023
Anchovies -small and slender, they are among the most popular Italian ingredients. They are known and appreciated not only for their well-known nutritional properties, but also because they are rich in taste and very versatile in the kitchen. Simple dishes to prepare but with unique and delicious flavours. From anchovy pie; to baked paccheri with mozzarella and anchovies to roasted green olives, pine nuts and anchovies or meatloaf with anchovy sauce. Delicious!

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