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Hamburger Day on May 28 - Try the Italian Version!
Italian Cuisine · 28 May 2023
World Hamburger Day is celebrated on 28 May 2023, an international event, celebrated also in Italy. According to an Italian Uber Eats survey the preferred Hamburger recipes preferred by Italians include: the Bacon Cheese Burger triumphs followed by the classic Cheeseburger, but the minced meatball - seasoned to taste and wrapped in two slices of toasted brioche was the most popular. And increasingly there are vegetarian options with mushrooms or a Chickpea burger - but all with an Italian touch!
Museums worth a visit not only for the exhibits but also the restaurants
Italian Cuisine · 22 May 2023
Eating well at the museum today is more than ever a good choice. Because eating well at an Italian Museum is now a Must. Hence, many of the leading museums in Italy, had their site managers make agreements with top-level chefs to set up a restaurant worthy of their exhibits. The trend has been underway for some years now, with restaurants, bistros and cocktail bars having opened, such as Ristorante Andrea Aprea at the Museo Etrusco in Milan; or Ristorante Torre at the Fondazione Prada Museum.

Italian Recipes with Sardines - Easy and quick to prepare!
Italian Cuisine · 21 May 2023
Sardines are a popular dish in Italy - whether fried or baked or marinated. It exists in relevant abundance in the in the Mediterranean Sea; in Italy, sardines are mainly caught in the Adriatic and on the coasts around Sicily. Sardines are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and mineral salts such as potassium. Two slightly different but easy to prepare recipes: Sardine alla diavolo (spicy Sardines) and Sardine e patate con crema di porri - Sardines with potatoes and cream of leaks.
Pasta with Shrimps and Pistachio Pesto - Pasta Gamberi e pesto di pistacchi
Italian Cuisine · 08 May 2023
Creamy and Fast: prawn pasta and pistachio pesto, a delicious first course to serve hot or cold. Ideal to serve at a fish-based lunch or dinner, cheap and easy to prepare! Pistachio pesto is a no-cook condiment and is prepared by blending shelled pistachios with olive oil, pecorino, parmesan and basil: all Sicilian especially if you use the famous Bronte pistachio which is excellent!

Tigelle - A popular snack from Modena
Italian Cuisine · 05 May 2023
A popular street food in Emilia-Romagna, tigelle (also known as crescentine) are flatbreads not too dissimilar from English muffins. They're usually taken straight out of the pan, split open and stuffed with a delicious array of cured meats and cheeses to create a seriously good panini/sandwich. They are prepared with a simple dough based on flour, lard, oil, water and yeast. Tigelle with Pesto Modenese is very popular street food.
A most delicious cake - Kinder Torta Penguin
Italian Cuisine · 02 May 2023
KINDER PENGUì CHOCOLATE CAKE like the well-known snack, this cake is also black and white because it contains cream and chocolate (Nutella to be precise). Easy to prepare and while the kinder penguì cake cools, there is plenty of time to prepare the cream and the chocolate coating.

Asparagus and Oranges - a delightful combination of flavors!
Italian Cuisine · 28 April 2023
Asparagus, thanks its high potassium content, is a very health food not just for heart and muscles, but also its diuretic effect helps in detoxifying. Asparagus is the star vegetable of spring and its harvest season runs from March to mid-June. In Italy there are three types: the green ones (more common) with a more grassy aftertaste; the more delicate white ones DOP of Bassano del Grappa; the violet one from Albenga, a slow food presidium, with an intense flavour. Here some recipes.
Taormina also famous for its delicious Sicilian Cuisine!
Italian Cuisine · 27 April 2023
Taormina being part of Sicily, the Sicilian cuisine is one of the best in the world as it leverages the freshest of ingredients from the sea and earth. A classic dish of the area is involtini di pesce spada – slices of swordfish that are rolled with a breadcrumb filling and baked. Grigliata mista, a mix of grilled seafood, and tuna stew with onions are common as well. For special occasions, triglie (red mullet) and aragosta (Mediterranean lobster) are served.

The secret recipes from a convent in Sicily - San Martino delle Scale in Monreale
Italian Cuisine · 24 April 2023
"The recipes of the convent", from the Abbey to Food Network is a successful food program on Channel 33 on the Food Network and features three chef-monks who share recipes from an ancient collection found in the library of the Abbey San Martino delle Scale. Recipes that have remained secret and jealously guarded within the walls of convents; are simply explained and demonstrated in the the program by three monks. Recipes such as Melanzane in agrodolce or Fritto di Latte and many more!
Fennel - Finocchio - the elegant Italian vegetable
Italian Cuisine · 20 April 2023
From appetizers to side dishes through alternative and appetizing first courses: with fennel we can prepare any type of dish. Fennel belongs to the category of Umbelliferae and is a vegetable rich in properties. Delicious recipes here such as Fried Fennel as an ideal antipasti or Fennel Gratin as a first course. Or a light Fennel and Pear Salad?

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