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The world capital of good food? It's Naples (according to the Americans)
Italian Cuisine · 11 June 2024
Time Out, a popular travel magazine, compiled a list of the best food and wine cities in the world, with Naples, Italy taking the top spot. When discussing food in Italy, one cannot overlook Naples. The discussion usually begins with a brief history of pizza, acknowledging the differing opinions on food in the city. The iconic Pizza Margherita is always highlighted. But there are many other famous Neapolitan dishes, such as the Genovese (meat and onion stew), the unique Neapolitan ragù and babà.
Torta russa di Verona
Italian Cuisine · 05 June 2024
The Torta Russa or the Russian Cake, is a typical dessert from Verona, dating back to the middle of the last century. Its recipe is today 'guarded' by one of the city's institutions, the Pasticceria Flego. The Russian Cake or Torta Russa di Verona is a traditional dessert from Verona, Italy. It is made of a puff pastry shell filled with a delicate mixture of almonds, amaretti biscuits, and eggs. According to tradition, it is named after its hat-like shape, resembling the headgear of the Russian.

That Zucchini Spaghetti Stanley Tucci Loves: Spaghetti alla Nerano
Italian Cuisine · 03 June 2024
“Spaghetti alla Nerano” take their name from the town of Nerano, a fishing village located between the Lattari Mountains, Massa Lubrense and Positano. The birth is attributed to the cuisine of a historic restaurant in the bay Ristorante Maria Grazia, which with the union of a few simple ingredients was able to create the dish that won over Totò and Eduardo De Filippo, becoming rightfully part of the typical traditional dishes. Pasta dish made with spaghetti, fried zucchini, provolone del Monaco.
A Naples museum dedicated to Neapolitan Street Food!
Italian Cuisine · 01 June 2024
In Naples, there is a new museum dedicated to the history of Neapolitan cuisine. Since April 24, 2024, the Bonelli Collection of the Museum of Naples has opened a location entirely focused on food and wine. The museum showcases ancient documents, memorabilia, and historical artifacts to narrate three centuries of traditions and street food. Naples, a city known for its vibrant colour and history, has a strong connection to food. It's worth noting that the world-famous Pizza originated in Naples.

The famous Alvito nougat from the Antica Pasticceria di Tullio and Macioce Pasticceria
Italian Cuisine · 22 May 2024
In the small village of Alvito in Lazio, there is a centuries-old tradition of nougat production. The famous Alvito nougat is a specialty of this municipality and has a long and fascinating history. Every year, many nougats are produced in Alvito, a municipality in the province of Frosinone, in the Comino Valley, which is close to Abruzzo. This century-old tradition linked to nougat has attracted people from all over Italy to the two historic pastry shops that produce it: Macioce and Di Tullio.
Famous Pasta dish from Naples: Ziti allo Scarperiello
Italian Cuisine · 17 May 2024
The “Ziti allo Scarperiello” is typical Neapolitan culinary dish with a long tradition, born in one of the most popular areas of the city: the Quartieri Spagnoli. From the historic Via Toledo, going up these alleys, you'll see the shoemakers, that back in the old times were repaid for their craftsmanship with what they had in their pantry. So with pieces of cheese available, the tomatoes and the basil leaves, a dish with a simple and genuine sauce was created. Which recipe has survived to today!

Learn to cook Sicilian at these 4 fabulous Cooking School
Italian Cuisine · 09 May 2024
Sicilian cuisine is a fascinating mixture that has evolved over centuries due to the influence of various conquerors who have shaped the island’s culture and culinary traditions. There is no doubt that experiencing a destination through its cuisine is one of the most delightful aspects of travel; and one way is by taking cooking lessons in the local area. We have highlighted 4 cooking schools: Le Chiuse de Guadagna, Case de Latomie, Nosco Cooking School and the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School.
Not Pizza Margherita but Torta Margherita - a quick Sunday Cake!
Italian Cuisine · 04 May 2024
The Torta Margherita or Margherita Cake is a classic and much loved dessert from Central and Northern Italy. The pride of the most important pastry chefs, in the constant search for the perfect consistency, it is made with a few simple ingredients: the dough, based on eggs, flour and sugar, is worked for a long time, to make it particularly airy, and then enriched with zest of grated lemon, for an irresistible fragrance Already mentioned in the 1891 Italian cookbook from Pellegrino Artusi.

Pasta - the dish which Italians identify with
Italian Cuisine · 01 May 2024
Pasta has a very strong identity meaning to Italians. Although Italians bond with pasta is so strong; it does not trescend regional differences or individualities. From the Sardinian fregula to the Piedmontese tajarin, from the Neapolitan paccheri to the Sicilian anellini, from the Valtellina pizzoccheri to the Ligurian trofie, each pasta format tells the nuances of the different regional traditions. In short, pasta, which is a unifying element in the diet of all Italians.
An elegant April Dish: Calamarata with Broccoli and Cod
Italian Cuisine · 27 April 2024
Primo Piatto dei Campi is a consolidated project created by 50 Top Italy, in collaboration with Pastificio dei Campi, which aims to promote the all-Italian pasta culture and enhance creative talents, helping to spread the message that behind signature cuisine we they are long training courses, field experiences, acquisition of techniques, study and research. “First Course of the Fields” Award – “Absolute April!” was a recipe from Carlo Olivari, Chef of Cooking Division, Naples.

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