Italian Cuisine

Pasta al Ragù di Zucchine from Sicily
Italian Cuisine · 08 August 2022
This Zucchini ragù is a really delicious and easy to prepare as a first course. It can also be used as a condiment for any type of pasta but also for a baked lasagna or baked pasta. It can also be enriched, to make it even better, even with seafood, such as mussels or clams that will be added at the end to create a real gourmet dish. A beautiful dish not just for the summer season.....
Delicious bruschetta:  fabulous examples for summer!
Italian Cuisine · 02 August 2022
Do you love bruschetta and want to surprise your friends with something different from the usual bruschetta with tomato and basil? Herewith some examples of alternative examples such as Bruschette di caprese alla bottarga; or Bruschetta al Tonno. Bruschetta is a name of Lazio-Abruzzo origin that has spread throughout the Italian peninsula to indicate bruscato, or toasted bread. Instead of the classic Tomato/Basil version why not try the Prawn and Pistachio version or with Carpaccio?

The taste of the sea: 10 dishes that symbolize Italian summer
Italian Cuisine · 30 July 2022
For us summer is personified by these typical fabulous Italian fish dishes. From the Adriatic to the Tyrrhenian Sea, fish-based recipes are one of the cornerstones of Italian cuisine. Often born from poor traditions, sometimes thanks to the wit of the fishermen, they are mostly simple preparations based on a few selected ingredients. They are often enjoyed outdoors, perhaps with a beautiful view of the sea.
Quick spaghetti ragù and parmesan flakes -delicious and easy to prepare!
Italian Cuisine · 25 July 2022
Here a recipe for a Spaghetti with a fast sauce and parmesan shavings, a very easy to prepare dish which will appeal to everyone. This delicious recipe is made in very few steps, we are going to recreate a sort of quick ragù, prepared starting from a mince sautéd with carrot, onion and celery, and a bit of white wine. Once the pasta has been cooked, we will finish cooking it in a pan with a little cooking water, then completed with delicious flakes of parmesan.

The most famous Sandwich Shop in Florence Antico Vinaio conquering the world!
Italian Cuisine · 20 July 2022
Tommaso Mazzanti, son of founders of All'Antico Vinaio, today heads a team of 250 employees specializing in creating some of the most delicious and famous sandwiches in Italy and now even in New York and LA. In Florence, two shops in the city center, one minutes away from Piazza della Signoria and one in Santa Maria Novella. Every day there is a queue of hundreds and hundreds of people who come from all over the world to eat and enjoy the stuffed “schiacciata" the typical Tuscan Focaccia.
“Virz e ris”, discover the recipe of a Neapolitan healthy winter dish!
Italian Cuisine · 19 July 2022
For this Sunday's lunch, why not prepare this delicious Neapolitan recipe of cabbage and rice - Virz e ris : it has a truly unique flavor, not to mention its creaminess. It is a typical peasant dish - just a few and basic ingredients. But despite this, the dish is rich in flavor which will please the entire family. It is quick to prepare; healthy and ideal comfort food during autumn or winter. Even though winter is not necessarily associated with Naples; it can get snow and be rather cold.

The Maldives of Italy - Isola dei Conigli - the hidden gem of Salento
Italian Cuisine · 17 July 2022
Isola dei Conigli or Rabbit Island is one of the most beautiful and famous islands of Salento - also called the Maldives of Italy due to its crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. It is located a few hundred meters from Porto Cesareo in the province of Lecce. It not features some of the most stunning beaches, but also great Lido Beach Clubs, offering a range of sports activities, beach loungers and umbrellas; beach bar and restaurants.
Neapolitan Escarole alla monachina - a typical side dish from Naples
Italian Cuisine · 11 July 2022
Escarole alla monachina is a typical side dish of Neapolitan cuisine and is based on one of the healthiest large leaf vegetable. The Neapolitans were called "leaf eaters" before the advent of macaroni and many dishes such as Christmas soup were born from vegetables. The origin of the name escarole alla monachina is not certain, but may traced back by theme to the nuns of the convent of the Poor Clares - Santa Chiara in 1700. Looking after the needy offering dishes rich in taste and healthy.

Pasta e cavolo alla Napoletana - Healthy Italian Pasta Dish
Italian Cuisine · 07 July 2022
Such a creamy pasta dish, you have not eaten before. Pasta e cavolo alla Napoletana is a traditional recipe. Some long established recipes are jealously guarded, and it almost seems like a sacrilege when variations are made. It is a typical peasant dish with simple ingredients, but with a truly unique flavor. It is a very easy dish to prepare.
Baked Sicilian potatoes - delicious and only 190 Kcal!
Italian Cuisine · 28 June 2022
When preparing lunch or dinner, perhaps, the most difficult choice is what type of side dish to pair it with. So Baked Sicilian potatoes (Patate alla siciliana), will appeal to everyone! In addition, if you have guests you can even serve them as an appetizer and be sure of having hit the mark. And the preparation? Here, too, you will be amazed, because contrary to what you may think it is in fact, it can be very quickly prepared.

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