Italian Cuisine

A fabulous light Ricotta Cake - a typical Italian Breakfast staple!!
Italian Cuisine · 20 February 2024
Every time I have been in Italy staying at hotels, I remember the yummy fluffy cakes being offered at the breakfast buffet. The breakfast cake is a classic at Italian breakfast tables. Usually plain, soft and delicious, perfect for breakfast for the whole family. This Ricotta cake is a soft, simple and fluffy Italian cake; easy to make ricotta cake based on eggs, sugar, flour, with fresh ricotta. Which gives the dough, the soft and fluffy consistency!
An Italian Valentine's Day Menu
Italian Cuisine · 11 February 2024
There are those who love to be taken out for dinner on Valentine's Day, those who celebrate their love with an intimate dinner at home. So it might be time to think about the menu for this special evening. Valentine's dinner should be light and very personalized - hence plan an aperitif and a starter, such as Salmon Canapés or Oysters followed by Risotto with Prawns or Crab. And a light second course such as Vitello Tonnato with the crowning end of a delicious fruit cheesecake! Buon Appetito!

Perfect recipes to enjoy the Sanremo Festival on the sofa
Italian Cuisine · 09 February 2024
From 6 to 10 February there are those who say they will watch Sanremo Music Festival every evening on RAI Television and those may not. Now in its 74th edition, attracts many Italians to sit in front of their TV and follow the voting and participants perform. Here are some ideas for snacks, and finger food to prepare to eat on the sofa when watching the fabulous San Remo Festival.
Did you celebrate Nutella Day on the 5th February?
Italian Cuisine · 07 February 2024
Did you know that World Nutella® Day was established on February 5, 2007 by Sara Rosso, an American blogger passionate about Nutella®? Sara thought that Nutella® deserved to be celebrated with an international day and all Nutella® lovers agreed with her! So Nutella® fans began sharing photos, ideas, inspirations and recipes on social media: this is how World Nutella® Day soon became a global phenomenon. Italians across regions combine Nutella with their own local breads.

Taste the Green Piedmont: Typical dishes (without meat)
Italian Cuisine · 05 February 2024
If you happen to read any book on the history of Piedmontese cuisine, you will undoubtedly find this statement: «Povera». Even though we would today talk rather about the "richness" of the ingredients used in the Piedmontese cuisine. From appetizers such as Bagna Cauda; many different Polenta dishes such as with Funghi or with Cheese and Truffles. But also the Risotto Barolo is famous for the region. As are the range of beautiful fruits such as the peaches from the Lanzo Valley.
We are Sinner, a cocktail to celebrate the success of the Tennis champion in Australia
Italian Cuisine · 03 February 2024
Everyone is crazy about Jannik Sinner. The tennis champion and his exciting tennis game has inspired a cocktail that bears his name. It is called "We Are Sinners" to underline the sense of belonging and community that the young Tennis Star has managed to create with his talent and game. Reason more to celebrate Jannik Sinner's success in Melbourne at the Australian Open, with a special creation. A cocktail with Black Sinner Coffee Liquor, Gin, Lime, Coconut syrup and fresh Ginger.

3 Delicious Italian Michelin Star Chef Cake Recipes!
Italian Cuisine · 30 January 2024
Italian Pastry Chefs are world-famous; this also applies to Italian Michelin Star Chefs who have shared their secret recipes for a a Rose Cake with Brioche Bread from the Lombardy region; the traditional authentic Caprese Cake from a Michelin Star Chef in Capri; and an incredible Strawberry Tart which looks like Artwork from Luca Montersino; and finally a Walnut Cake from Michelin Star Chef in Perugia.
Barilla pasta enters Space on the astronauts' menu
Italian Cuisine · 27 January 2024
A very special taste test: Barilla pasta will fly into orbit together with the astronauts who will leave for the International Space Station (ISS) late January. The reason is scientific: to test the resistance of food in the absence of gravity. Three kg of Barilla fusilli will be in the space capsule that will carry the crew of the Ax-3 mission to the ISS for two weeks, including Air Force Colonel Walter Villadei. A series of sensory experiments, to better understand nutrition in extreme sites.

An elegant Italian lunch menu - with Salmon
Italian Cuisine · 22 January 2024
Do you have little time and lots of guests for lunch and want to make a good impression? Focus on Salmon - whether smoked or fresh - elegant and always a hit with guests. As Appetizer little canapes with Salmon and sour cream or caviar accompanied with a glass of Rose Prosecco. Followed by a Cheesecake Salata al Salmone - Salmon Tart and a delicious creamy Pasta al Salmone - Salmon pasta dish - either with short pasta or Taglioni. Paired with Rose Prosecco and Strawberry Tiramisu. Buon Appetito!
Pick from 3 Roman Chain Restaurants for delicious authentic but affordable Carbonara!
Italian Cuisine · 20 January 2024
The kings of Carbonara. An authentic and affordable option to have a fabulous Spaghetti Carbonara in central Rome. There are 3 restaurants chains competing against each other with porchetta, supplì and all-you-can-eat menus. About thirty locations in the heart of the capital are covered off by these 3 brands: Dar Bottarolo, Mattarello, or Anvedi.

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