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Dessert of the day: delicious and easy to make Pistachio Tiramisu
Italian Cuisine · 30 January 2023
Not just quick and easy to prepare but also quite a stylish dessert: Pistachio Tiramisu! It is a delicious, fragrant and colourful creamy after-dinner dessert that all your guests will love! The list of ingredients needed to make this spoon dessert is particularly short, in fact you will only need four main ingredients, and the Final touch is given by a sprinkling of chopped pistachios.
Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants in Udine
Italian Cuisine · 25 January 2023
Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurants led us recently to discover the best restaurants in beautiful Udine and its surroundings. To take up the challenge were: "Casa della Contadinanza" by Marco, "Ristorante Al Zuc" by Valentino, "Trattoria Al Paradiso" by Federica and "Ristorante San Michele" by Giuseppe. Congratulations to Ristorante San Michele di Giuseppe which won the title of best restaurant in a historic residence in Udine and its surroundings.

Lampredotto & Finocchiona Panini: the new Schiaccinoteca opens in Brescia
Italian Cuisine · 22 January 2023
The franchise deli chain Schiaccinoteca Toscana has opened a 3rd franchise - this time in Via Trieste in Brescia. Giovanni Capecchi, true Tuscan and founder (since 2019) of the Schiaccinoteca Toscana project, has transformed the business into a proper franchise business with great branding and quality fresh ingredients. On the menu 10 core Schiccino stuffings such as Brunelleschi: Prosciutto Crudo, Zucchine Grigliate e Rucola or Cimabue: Mortadella, Mozzarella e Salsa Verde.
Sausage and stracchino gnocchi: tasty and quick first course
Italian Cuisine · 21 January 2023
The sausage and stracchino gnocchi: Gnocchi salsiccia e stracchino is a creamy and tasty first course that we can prepare at home in just 15 minutes. Simple and quick but also delicious and an eclectic combination. The recipe is simple as few ingredients and the advantage that both the shelled sausage and the potato gnocchi have very fast cooking times. Stracchino Cheese is a type of Italian cow's-milk cheese, typical of Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto, and Liguria regions.

Tiramisu: the real recipe of Santa Lucia mascarpone
Italian Cuisine · 15 January 2023
Certainly a few calories but ideal to end a festive meal; as it can be prepared well ahead of time! This tiramisu recipe made with Santa Lucia mascarpone is really yummy! This mascarpone has the characteristic of being delicate and easy to work with, hence ideal for the soft mascarpone cream required for the ideal and most delicious tiramisu!
Creamy fluffy Ricotta and Lemon Cake without flour
Italian Cuisine · 12 January 2023
Creamy fluffy Ricotta and Lemon Cake without flour. The mousse-type ricotta cake with lemon is a very simple recipe to make, a cake that is prepared in no time and has a soft and moist consistency. Grazie a Mario Marziani for this recipe!

New Alessandro Borghese restaurant in Venice!
Italian Cuisine · 10 January 2023
Alessandro Borghese and his brigade kicked off with a stylish event in Venice for the opening of his restaurant "il lusso della semplicità" which was a huge success with VIP guests and friends of the chef; including his mother; the actress Barbara Bouchet. The well-known Chef Alessandro Borghese opened "AB- The luxury of simplicity", in the historic 16th-century Palazzo Vendramin Calergi ; also the location of the Casino of Venice.
Sicilian Spaghetti with breadcrumbs and dried tomatoes
Italian Cuisine · 09 January 2023
Spaghetti alla Siciliana is a typical Sicilian recipe that is easy to make and tasty, a perfect first course to serve on your tables to guests or family for lunch or dinner! It is a first course prepared with very simple ingredients, such as dried tomatoes, parsley and breadcrumbs. The combination of flavours and the choice of quality products will give the dish a rich and characteristic flavour.

Panettone semifreddo - quick and chic recipe with Christmas leftovers!
Italian Cuisine · 07 January 2023
Panettone Semifreddo is a delicious and chic Christmas dessert, which looks like a Cheesecake but much faster! with a base of Panettone or Pandoro leftovers and a layer of coffee Semifreddo prepared with only 3 ingredients: cream, condensed milk and instant coffee; then placed in the freezer to cool until ready to serve and finally dusted with cocoa powder on the surface! Imagine a fresh, creamy panettone semifreddo with an intense taste of chocolate and coffee! Pure poetry to taste!
A simple but healthy pasta dish following the festive days!
Italian Cuisine · 04 January 2023
Cavatelli are a pasta of the Molise tradition but which subsequently found fame and glory also in Puglia and Abruzzo. It is a very versatile fresh pasta, which lends itself very well to preparations with meat sauce; but also with vegetables. This recipe of Cavatelli with broccoli and breadcrumbs is a good alternative to a meat-based pasta dish and a perfect way to get children to eat this very healthy vegetable.

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