Italian Decor

The New Gucci Romantics Décor Collection
Italian Decor · 04 August 2022
Designed by Alessandro Michele to create highly distinctive, imaginative, and poetic pieces for the new Gucci Décor line. Released this July, its new decorative home goods represent a fresh forms that utilize the “primacy of nature” as inspiration, and are infused with a feeling of romanticism and playfulness. The powerful, romantic collection of furniture, furnishings and decorative items from the House is designed to dress living spaces in a way that is both creative and contemporary.
Italian Designer Coffee Cups
Italian Decor · 14 July 2022
Coffee is like a religion in Italy and each Cafe Bar usually has its own branded coffee or espresso cups. For home use, a number of leading Coffee brands such as Illy or Lavazza have designed very artistic versions of espresso cups. But also homeware companies like Guzzini or Alessi have their versions; as do some of the leading Italian Design brands such as Roberto Cavalli or Versace. For 30 years, illycaffè has been producing designer cups: "lithographs" for espresso.

Acquazzura - the famous Shoe Designer launches its  Casa Collection
Italian Decor · 04 July 2022
Aquazzura actually designs pumps for red carpet appearances. With the Casa collection you can now outfit yourself in a glamorous way at home. With an extra dose of opulence, founder Edgardo Osorio wants to defy the minimalism that currently dominates the market. Colorful table accessories, hand-blown Murano glass and lavishly patterned bed linen are intended to radiate dolce vita. The Casa Collection demonstrates recurring signature motifs, vibrant prints and embroideries - with four key themes.
Italian Art on the table - Ginori 1735 Porcelain
Italian Decor · 06 June 2022
The brand that has always symbolized excellence in ceramics and furnishings in Italy is Ginori. The name Ginori 1735 refers to the eighteenth-century origins of the company, when the Marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori launches the future Manifattura di Doccia in Doccia, in the villa of the family estate. The collaboration between Paolo Stella, influencer and creative director, and the architects and designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, who created La Gabbia, a limited edition capsule collection.

Fendi Casa’s new furniture collection with cutting edge designs
Italian Decor · 25 May 2022
Luxury, redefined. The new Fendi Casa collection marks the start of a prestigious partnership with Design Holding – a leading design group. Orchestrated by the Fendi's artistic director Silvia Venturini Fendi, the collection features contributions from leading designers such as Piero Lissoni, Atelier Oï, Dimorestudio, and Chiara Andreatti. ‘It features cutting-edge designs; it’s more eclectic and aligns with our collections for men & woman, who I would imagine living in these new spaces.
Carrara Marble - the white Gold of Tuscany
Italian Decor · 18 May 2022
The incredible beauty of marble has remained the same over the centuries, whether reflected in famous masterpieces by Michelangelo or Bernini. It is one of the most precious natural stones to work with - whether you are an architect, artist, or designer, from the most meticulous to the most visionary. Carrara marble, is a type of white or blue-grey marble popular for sculpture and building décor. Tuscan Marble producers such as Namco, Marmi di Carrara or Franchi Umberto Marmi export globally.

Extraordinary Italian Carpet Designs
Italian Decor · 10 May 2022
Italian Design is world famous. But these Rug Designers have taken carpet design to the next level. For interior design and décor to be very different and special, this represents a unique selection of luxury rugs; designed and crafted by the finest Italian designers and brands. These luxury rugs will perfectly add elegance to any environment. One inspired by the St Peter's Basilica by Mura&Pezza, or a design looking like crushed paper. More classic designs by Sicis' Mosaic Rugs.
Colours which help you work better at home/office
Italian Decor · 10 May 2022
Have you ever wondered which colours can positively influence you during office hours? The use of colour in offices is important and there are good rules to follow to make the most of them. Smart working, the colours that make us more (or less) productive may include yellow, blue/green and orange. For a relaxing effect, warm neutral colours work well: beige, dove grey and camel, echoed in the furniture (oak wood) and in the fabrics.

Armani Casa matches artworks and furniture to create timeless compositions
Italian Decor · 28 April 2022
The fashion house of Giorgio Armani, has been a leader in design with a strong brand identity and timeless appeal, all delivered with utmost Italian craftmanship. Founded almost five decades ago, it continues to be steered by its razor-sharp founder; and Armani Casa, launched in 2000, has now entered into another creative sphere: art, with a new project aptly titled Art & Armani Casa. The project pairs Armani collection with art, such as Roman Antiquities and modern art.
A Fabled 19th Century Palazzo - Villa Igiea - A Grand Palermo Hotel
Italian Decor · 22 April 2022
Palermo, the capital of the Mediterranean’s largest island, with its compelling cross-cultural history, is the ideal setting for Palermo’s grand hotel, Villa Igiea. It was the place to see and be seen; a magnet for celebrities, royalty, and heads of state. Unveiled in 1899 by the Florio family whose interests embraced virtually every aspect of Sicilian social and commercial endeavour, their dynastic dominance throughout the Belle Epoque conferred on Villa Igiea, an enduring mythical presence.

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