Ideal Pasta dish for hot summers: Pasta with Sicilian ricotta pesto

As already covered in one of our earlier articles on preparing and eating cold dishes during hot summers. Here another fabulous easy and delicious recipe. Thanks to Il Gusto.  Cold pasta with ricotta pesto, which some define as Sicilian pesto, falls perfectly into this category. Inspired by Sicilian pesto, it maintains one of its fundamental characteristics: the almond pesto. And it requires the same pasta shape: short, it doesn't go well with spaghetti. Delicate in flavours, for a more intense result you can add more almonds, or possibly pine nuts, and choose buffalo ricotta instead of cow's milk.




300 g short pasta; 200 g ricotta; 50 g shelled almonds without skin; 6 cherry tomatoes; Basil; Parmesan Cheese; Oil; salt



To prepare cold pasta with ricotta and cherry tomatoes, first place a pan full of water on the heat, which will be used to cook the pasta. Then move on to the seasoning: pour the washed cherry tomatoes, ricotta, basil, oil, almonds and cheese into a mixer. Season with salt and pepper and blend until you obtain a thick, full-bodied cream, which will be the seasoning for your final dish. Once you have obtained the desired result, place it in a very large bowl and bring it to room temperature. If you want, at this point you can wash another couple of cherry tomatoes, cut them into cubes, and add them to the cream, to create a contrast to the bite.  At this point it is time to cook the pasta, strictly short; once cooked, transfer it to the tomato and ricotta sauce and mix everything vigorously, so as to create body between the pasta and the ricotta cream.

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