Fricassé d'baudisé Torino - Festival 15/16 June

Discover the finest mixed fried food in Baldissero Torinese on Sunday, June 16th at the inaugural Fricassé 'd Baudisé. Enjoy traditional recipes from the restaurants that have made Baldissero famous for this dish. Special guests include Masterchef 10 winner Francesco Aquila, Turin comedian Davide D'Urso, social media star Alinaspecialina, and emerging Turin rapper NCL.

The event kicks off on Saturday evening with tastings and a rock concert, concluding a promotional journey that began in 2023. This journey has highlighted the Municipality’s culinary and touristic initiatives, showcasing the unique storytelling capacity of the area. The ingredients used in the dishes tell a story involving local farms and artisans, emphasizing the excellence of seasonal and local products. The Turin-style mixed fried food, "Fricassé 'd Baudisé," offers a chance to savor the region's flavors. 

The two days of "Fricassé" which will bring hundreds of gourmets to invade the streets of the town will not only be fried. It will start on Saturday 15 June at 6.30 pm with the Pan fritto, the fried bombe and the burgers from the Nave dei Folli which, with the pasta and desserts from the Pastificio Virgilio, will feed the audience attending the music concert. And again you can taste the beers of the Grado Plato craft brewery in Piazza Quattro Novembre,and the wines of the I calici agricultural company. A party that will also involve the locals of the town, as well as many tourists!


 But the most awaited moment will be Sunday 16th from 10.30am when, interviewed by Vanna Greggio, Alinaspecialina, Francesco Aquila and Davide D'Urso will take to the stage as an appetizer for the real star of the day, the "Fricassé 'd Baudisé". And for those who have the strength, from 3pm you can let loose with a DJ set.

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