The world capital of good food? It's Naples (according to the Americans)

Italy attracts over 440 million visitors each year, with approximately 127 million coming from other countries. The growth rate for tourism across different regions ranges from +4% to +14% compared to the previous year. Food and wine-driven tourism in Italy is on the rise, expected to constitute over 58% of tourism by 2023, with around 10 million people participating. This number grows even more when considering those who combine sightseeing, beach or mountain experiences, social activities, and food in their travel plans. Time Out, a popular travel magazine, compiled a list of the best food and wine cities in the world, with Naples, Italy taking the top spot.


When discussing food in Italy, one cannot overlook Naples. The discussion usually begins with a brief history of pizza, acknowledging the differing opinions on food in the city. The iconic Pizza Margherita is always highlighted. But there are many other famous Neapolitan dishes, such as  the Genovese (meat and onion stew), the unique Neapolitan ragù, and an array of desserts including Sfogliatella and babà. The Pignasecca neighbourhood, situated between popular and bourgeois, is recommended for its authentic Naples experience. Additionally, the Quartieri Spagnoli neighbourhood is identified as an ideal dining spot, especially for Pizza Margherita, at Santa Maradona owned by Andrea Viviani. For a creative take on classic Neapolitan cuisine, CU.QU. /neighbourhood cuisine is suggested.

 The bronze medal, and for haute cuisine enthusiasts it is certainly nothing new given that it has been the protagonist of all the most important institutions in this sense for years, goes to Lima.

Rounding out the Top 5 are at number 2 Johannesburg, at third place Lima, followed by Ho Chi Minh City and at fifth position Bejing. Grace Beard of Time Out has, in this regard, released a further statement to CNN: "Affordability played as important a role as quality in the creation of this ranking", to bring the world and its goodness to life." to travelers with every type of budget".

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