Interior Design Trends for this Summer 2024

Unconventional colour combinations and stunning lighting are some of the interior design trends for summer 2024. Departing from neutral colours and minimalism, the summer of 2024 is all about embracing individuality. This is great news for those who enjoy eclectic items, as minimalism takes a backseat and a more eclectic look takes centre stage. The 2024 color trends for interior design were showcased in Milan last April. The new furniture collections feature recurring colors such as yellow, blue, red, various shades of green - beautifully summarized by Valpaint. 

Bold colour mixes

Natural Tones - Shades of Terracotta

Terracotta is not just a single colour but a range of earthy shades between orange, pink and brown. These colours are reminiscent of objects made with oven-fired clay, from which terracotta gets its name. The orange-red hue of terracotta comes from the iron oxides found in the clay. The production of terracotta dates back tens of thousands of years. Terracotta can be used in various interior design styles, from rustic to contemporary, and can serve as a focal point or a neutral background to complement other colors. It pairs well with neutral colours like white, grey and beige, as well as bolder shades such as emerald green, and navy blue, and pastel colours like mint green and powder pink. Valpaint also suggests some great colour combinations.

Dramatic Wallpaper

This combines vintage floral patterns with contemporary design to create a truly personalized space. Such as demonstrated by Happywall Italy with their unique wallpapers.

Mix-and-match approach:Textiles and Materials

When it comes to textures, the mix-and-match approach is key. The combination of contrasting textures adds depth, tactility and a sense of personality. It is no longer just about the materials chosen, but how they are used. We see more and more designers looking for pieces as unique as their clients: they could be elaborate details or materials that perhaps you wouldn't usually consider; the beauty of it all lies in the combination of tactility, that connection to nature, finished with details that elevate each piece. The approach to nature and, as a consequence, the search for 'living' and natural materials such as marble and wood is a focus in interior design for this summer.Marble is a smart and versatile material that is part of the trend of biophilic interiors, where we seek to connect with the outdoors and plant life in our homes. It is inherently sustainable and brings warmth and texture to any surface or space. Pietre di Rapoloano demonstrates the use of marble as providing that contrast in the mix-and match approach.

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