The new High Jewellery collection from Bulgari Aeterna launched at Rome Event

The high jewellery pieces from the renowned brand Bulgari are not your typical everyday items. We enjoy reviewing these stunning jewellery pieces for their exceptional design and craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from the timeless beauty of Rome, the Aeterna High Jewellery collection pays homage to Bulgari's 140-year history of continual innovation. This collection reflects the Maison's ability to embrace the essence of each era, taking us on a journey through the ever-evolving, diverse creativity and aesthetic principles of the Roman high jewellery tradition. With over 140 masterpieces, this collection opens the doors to a universe of limitless vision and enduring magnificence. The world's most precious gems, formed deep within the Earth over millions of years, are showcased in inspired designs, representing a continuous creative reinvention that transcends time. We are highlighting three of the incredible masterpieces: The Aeterna Serpenti Necklace, the Lotus Cabochon Necklace and the Aurea Chandra Necklace.

The Aeterna Serpenti Necklace

To celebrate its 140-year legacy of sourcing precious stones, Bvlgari has unveiled a remarkable natural wonder: seven D flawless diamond drops, totalling an impressive 140 carats, all meticulously cut from the same rough stone. These stunning gems are showcased in a fully diamond-set Serpenti Necklace, whose twisted body captures light and movement in a dance of endless rebirth. The journey through Bvlgari’s 140-year legacy begins with a single rough stone totalling 200 carats, with each flawless drop now narrating a timeless tale of meticulous craftsmanship. This historic jewel, an emblem of the iconic Serpenti, embodies the Maison’s soul, honouring its heritage and pioneering ethos while emanating the eternal light of Rome. Carefully balanced proportions and subtle curvature ensure the utmost elegance. Sections are expertly joined and linked by a special system of concealed prongs and springs. Mounted to conform to the body’s contours gently, the piece embraces the skin with comfort and grace.


The Lotus Cabochon Necklace

"Bvlgari's Lotus Cabochon necklace is a celebration of vibrant colours and exquisite craftsmanship. Inspired by the Lotus flower, a symbol of rebirth, the necklace features a stunning array of gemstones cut in Bvlgari's signature smooth cabochon style. This piece combines traditional elegance with innovative design, breathing new life into Bvlgari's heritage. The necklace is a harmonious blend of vibrant cabochon gems, bold geometries, and timeless symbolism. Crafted using Bvlgari's "tappetino" technique, each stone is carefully set within claw-like architectural elements, creating a flawlessly symmetrical piece. The necklace is a testament to Bvlgari's passion for colour and sartorial elegance, representing the Maison's creative process through time. It is an audacious and joyful creation that exemplifies Bvlgari's joie de vivre."


The Aurea Chandra Necklace

The Aeterna Collection is a contemporary marvel of High Jewellery inspired by Bvlgari’s iconic Chandra line from the turn of the century. This collection skilfully blends tradition with innovation, exploring volumes, proportions, and materials to breathe new life into Bvlgari's creativity. The goldsmith conducted Meticulous studies to shape each sphere from wax, refining the volume. Despite the design's density, a remarkably lightweight construction was achieved. Invisible links hidden within and between spheres ensure perfect mobility. Through unrivalled artisanship, the Aeterna Collection celebrates light and universal continuums. It features alternating rows of pure rose gold spheres set with pavé, meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of weightlessness and joy.


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