Fluido - an alternative Slow Cuisine Motorway Caffe

Fluido is a bar restaurant with fast-casual dining, open daily from 5 am to 10 pm. Located in Nepi between Rome and Viterbo, Fluido opened in 2021 at the CP petrol station. It aims to transform the concept of a service area by offering quality food, including homemade pastries, fresh pasta, express dishes, and cocktails. This initiative is part of a trend that seeks to revolutionize traditional service stations. It is housed in a grey concrete fibre structure designed to reduce environmental impact. Inside, there is a 150-square-meter space that can accommodate around eighty people. The name "Fluido" translates to "something that flows," reflecting the aim to offer customers a fluid, high-quality, fast, simple, and functional service. In addition to Fluido, other independent projects are emerging in Italy, such as the Cantina Antisociale, a wine shop with 1200 rare bottles inside a petrol station in the Marche region. Fluido is a part of this movement, representing a shift away from the typical mediocre food and high prices often associated with service stations. Giuseppe Piacenti opened Fluido in 2021 at the CPower service station of Cancellieri Carburanti in Nepi, a province of Viterbo known for its private micro petrol brands. 


Giuseppe Piacenti says: "My idea is to revolutionize the traditional concept of a service station. We aim to create a well-maintained space with trained staff, spotlessly clean bathrooms, and high-quality food offerings. Initially, it was challenging to break away from the traditional service station image. However, after a year, we have gained regular customers, mostly workers who visit for breakfast or lunch. We make 3 kg of coffee every morning, serve 50-60 meals for lunch, and have around 300 customers daily. Starting out alone, we now have a team of 15 people."


What can customers expect? Fluido is open all day and offers a variety of options for every moment. In the morning, they serve breakfast with croissants, biscuits, and small pastries such as brownies, cheesecakes, vegan cakes, and muffins, all of which are homemade. The coffee shop also pays attention to detail, and they currently offer organic Alteco coffee from Lavazza. Additionally, they offer at least 15 different types of milk, catering to various dietary preferences. For lunch, they serve appetizers for €6, including platters, hummus, Nepesina acquacotta, and bruschetta. They also offer classic Roman first courses for €10, as well as a daily special.


The menu at Fluido features dishes made with high-quality local ingredients such as Avicola Pellegrini eggs and Nepi saffron. Second courses range from 10 to 18 euros and include options like meatballs with sauce, entrecôte, and various side dishes. Single dishes are priced at 12 euros and consist of bowls with basmati rice, black rice, or couscous topped with options such as salmon, chicken, meatballs, or baked pumpkin and feta. On Sundays, they also offer a brunch formula. In addition, they are planning to introduce aperitifs and after-dinner events with DJ sets, and have developed an impressive cocktail list with high-quality spirits. The restaurant is considering expanding this concept to other areas within the group.

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