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Sicilian cuisine is a fascinating mixture that has evolved over centuries due to the influence of various conquerors such as Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Saracens, Normans, and Spanish who have shaped the island’s culture and culinary traditions. There is no doubt that experiencing a destination through its cuisine is one of the most delightful aspects of travel; and one way to do that, aside from researching restaurants, is by taking cooking lessons in the local area. This can help you connect with the destination in a deliciously simple yet profound manner. There are many excellent cooking schools in Sicily; and we have highlighted a few for their location in Sicily: such as Le Chiuse di Guadagna in Modica; Case de Latomie in Castelvetrano; Nosco Cooking School in Ragusa and the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School close to Palermo. 

Le Chiuse di Guadagna

Nestled among ancient carob trees, our restaurant offers a culinary adventure through the traditional countryside of Modica and Scicli. Le Chiuse di Guadagna Agriturismo provides unique culinary experiences, including exciting cooking classes that showcase the best of Sicilian gastronomic traditions. Its food is authentic and sustainable, with a commitment to reducing waste and protecting the environment. You can complement your meal with a specially curated selection of local and national natural wines. Begin your day with a breakfast that is lovingly prepared with locally sourced ingredients, while enjoying a stunning view of the surrounding countryside. Their chefs are experts in the local culinary heritage, and they use fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create savory dishes and delightful desserts, taking you on a journey of culinary exploration.

Case di Latomie

The Centonze family invites visitors to their estate "Case di Latomie' for a unique experience that embraces the Sicilian tradition and is surrounded by nature. The 'Case di Latomie' agritourism is situated just 7 km from the Selinunte Archaeological Park and the sea. The estate covers approximately 40 hectares of land, planted with olive trees and citrus groves. The millennial 'Latomie' located inside the estate, frames your walks and gives you a feeling of being suspended in time between nature, history and culture.

The Agritourism restaurant offers traditional Sicilian dishes in a lush garden with a playground and tree house. The restaurant is immersed in thriving citrus groves that you can enjoy through large windows while tasting the dishes of the Sicilian culinary tradition. Guests can also enjoy unique experiences, such as cooking classes where they can immerse themselves in the local food culture. The class lasts approximately 2 hours and guests will have the opportunity to create 3 different dishes with their own hands.


Additionally, guests can take a guided tour of the Centonze Farm and enjoy a rich tasting of the products made on the estate. The Centonze family, for four generations, has always reserved an absolute importance place for the olive tree cultivation; producing some of the finest olive oil Sicily's. 

Nosco Cooking School - Ragusa

The Ancient Capuchin Convent of Ibla has been a silent witness to the events that have affected Sicily over time. The Capuchin friars arrived in Ragusa in 1537 and initially settled in the valley. Today, the Convent has been renovated and transformed into a restaurant, a Retreat Hotel, a conference center, and the Nosco School of Mediterranean Haute Cuisine. NOSCO Professional Cooking School, deriving from the Latin word 'to know,' is committed to imparting knowledge, flavour, territory, technique and practice. Thanks to the rich Mediterranean food and wine culture and the support of a network of institutions, companies and professionals in the sector, the school has become a renowned educational institution in Southern Italy for catering and hospitality.

The Nosco school's educational method is based on a 'learning by doing' approach, which allows us to train highly skilled professionals who can combine theoretical knowledge with practical development seamlessly. The school is situated inside the Ancient Capuchin Convent, a 17th-century structure located in the heart of Ragusa - Ibla. It is equipped with a teaching kitchen comprising 16 fully equipped independent stations, a library for frontal theoretical lessons with experts, a multimedia room for specific masterclasses and sensory analysis, and an outdoor garden overlooking the educational vegetable garden.

Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School

Anna Tasca Lanza, a Sicilian aristocrat, was interested in cooking and learned French cuisine while finishing school. In 1989, she created the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School on her family’s land near Vallelunga Pratameno, about two and a half hours from Palermo. Anna Tasca Lanza's hobby quickly turned into showcasing authentic Sicilian cuisine beyond its stereotypes and increasing awareness of its rich cultural diversity outside Italy. Today, her daughter Fabrizia manages the culinary complex offering classes and workshops led by renowned chefs. Anna Tasca Lanza started a project that aimed to showcase authentic Sicilian cuisine beyond its stereotypes and increase awareness of its rich cultural diversity. Her work earned international recognition and today her daughter Fabrizia manages the school and culinary complex. The school offers classes and workshops led by renowned chefs and members of the Anna Tasca Lanza cookery staff.

In 2024, there will be several guest-led workshops including Vegetarian Family Cookery with chef Claire Thomson, Baking and Preserving Sicily with Sarah Owens, and Delicious Sicily with David Tanis. Students will learn how to make a variety of dishes including Sicilian favorites like caponata and panelle, bake bread and sweets with heirloom Sicilian grains, make preserves, cook pizza using pestos and foraged ingredients, and maximize seasonal produce.

During the one-day (for a minimum of two people) and two-day programs participants are shown how to prepare four-course meals using Tasca Lanza family recipes; the latter includes visits to the nearby Tasca d’Almerita winery and to a local ricotta cheese maker.

The school offers various housing options like Case Vecchie, where classes are held, and other properties near the school, including one on the Tasca d’Almerita wine estate.

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