Tod’s latest exhibition, ‘The Art of Craftsmanship showcasing Venetian Masters

On the eve of the 60th Venice Biennale, an international art exhibition that opened to the public on April 20, Tod's, the Italian luxury brand famous for its unique Gommino loafer, showcased various crafts in a literal display. Different master artisans showcased their craftsmanship and presented their own interpretation of the brand's famous loafer. Renowned Venetian masters such as glassblower Roberto Beltrami and woodworker Piero Dri have taken inspiration from the Gommino and Tod’s DNA to create original masterpieces that showcase the enduring style and allure of these revered, traditional skills.

The exhibition featured loafers made from glass and gilded with gold leaf, as well as mosaics recreating the shoe's pebble sole.

The Tod's exhibition, named "The Art of Craftsmanship," was celebrated with a cocktail party at Venice's Tese di San Cristoforo, an industrial-chic venue that was once part of the city's shipyard and is a stone's throw from the biennale's Italian pavilion, which is also supported by Tod's. Della Valle, the brand's owner, emphasized the company's commitment to balancing tradition and heritage with creativity and innovation. Della Valle expressed his hope that the project would encourage young people interested in pursuing a career in crafts. The audience included art and fashion industry insiders, as well as a number of celebrities, including Zhang Ziyi, Adrien Brody, Keita Machida, and brand ambassador Joy, a South Korean singer and actor.

In addition, the Venetian artisans used shoe leather to create Venetian masks.

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