Pasta - the dish which Italians identify with

Pasta has a very strong identity meaning to Italians.  Although Italians bond with pasta is so strong; it does not trescend regional differences or individualities. From the Sardinian fregula to the Piedmontese tajarin, from the Neapolitan paccheri to the Sicilian anellini, from the Valtellina pizzoccheri to the Ligurian trofie, each pasta format tells the nuances of the different  regional traditions. In short, pasta, which is a unifying element in the diet of all Italians, it has paradoxically distinctive ways of preparing it across the regions. As per Historian John Dickie who defines Italy as "a country divided by a common food".

“Pasta makes Italy but it does not make Italians – a concept of union of territorial differences, but with an extraordinary ability to function together. Even in this it is an identity for Italians: it conveys the image of a country that is made up of differences." Coop is one of Italy’s largest retailer and has been providing Italian Food to Italians since 1854. They decided on a substantial job  of a review on Pasta types in Italy;  proposing 114 references, with 46 classics, 90 proposals of which 44 are new, i.e. double the previous offer, with also an increase in producers and suppliers which guarantee 100% made in Italy on many references.

 In Bologna, during the C'è Più Gusto exhibition, you will be able to see first-hand the work that ends up on the plate, interpreted by great chefs and the Cesarine, representatives and guardians of regional traditions. From 11 to 14 October at Palazzo Re Enzo, C'è +Gusto a Bologna is back, the food festival with the title "Masterpieces". Together with many Italian stars of the sector, there will be events and talks on current events and the importance of food in our culture.

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