An elegant April Dish: Calamarata with Broccoli and Cod

Primo Piatto dei Campi is a consolidated project created by 50 Top Italy, in collaboration with Pastificio dei Campi, which aims to promote the all-Italian pasta culture and enhance creative talents, helping to spread the message that behind signature cuisine we they are long training courses, field experiences, acquisition of techniques, study and research. “First Course of the Fields” Award – “Absolute April!” was a recipe from Carlo Olivari, Chef of Cooking Division, Naples who participated in the first edition of the “Primo Piatto dei Campi” Award, the new initiative signed by LSDM and Pastificio dei Campi in collaboration with Luciano Pignataro WineBlog with his recipe of "Eastern Calamarata with Paternopoli Aprilatico Broccoli and Cod".

For centuries the territory of Paternopoli has been dedicated to horticultural crops. Here, gardeners have selected over the centuries a spring broccoli that they call aprilatico, with an intense dark green color and crispy tops when raw but juicy and with a pleasant flavor after cooking. The vegetative cycle of this broccoli is very long, gardeners sow a small plot at the end of summer from which they obtain the seedlings that they will transplant before the winter cold arrives. The harvest takes place only with the arrival of spring, starting from the end of March and when the season allows it reaches until mid-May. The harvest is done manually, picking the scapes and part of the leaves, the most tender, and putting everything together to form bunches. The Silvana Del Vicario Agricultural Company, in Paternopoli, is among the producers included in the list of the Slow Food Broccolo Aprilatico presidium of Paternopoli.

April Broccoli Pasta Dish - Recipe from Chef Carlo Olivari


1 kg of Aprilatici Broccoli from Paternopoli cleaned and with their flowers; 280 g of Calamarata Orientale ({Pasta type) from Pastificio dei Campi;  500 g of desalted cod; 50 g of Caserta Black Pork Cheek; 2 star anise berries; 3 cloves; 1 leek

2 bay leaves; 1 sprig of wild fennel; 250 g of buffalo ricotta; 500 cc of Noble milk; extra virgin olive oil; Freeze-dried coffee powder; a few drops of anchovy sauce; salted lemon compote


For the broccoli sauce: Sauté the broccoli, without boiling it and keeping the flowers aside, in 4 tablespoons of EVO oil, the finely chopped green part of the leek and the chopped bacon. When everything is wilted, transfer to the homogenizer together with the ricotta and slowly add milk until you create a light and silky sauce. salt and pepper.

For the pasta filling: Remove the skin and any thorns from the cod and stew it with 3 tablespoons of EVO oil, the star anise berries, the finely chopped cloves, the leek, the bay leaf and the wild fennel. When it has flaked, add 250 cc of milk and cook for another 30 minutes, adding water if it dries too much. Add salt if necessary. As soon as it is ready, blend by immersion and reduce to a cream. Place the mixture in the piping bag and fill the previously cooked Oriental Calamarata halfway through its cooking time.

For the broccoli florets: Sauté the flowers at high temperature in EVO oil and 5 drops of anchovy sauce, leaving them crunchy and bright green. Do not salt.

Composition of the dish:  Pour the mirror broccoli sauce into the dinner plate. Before arranging the stuffed Calamarata, brown it with a torch. Place 7 pieces of pasta on the sauce with the opening facing upwards, arrange a broccoli flower on each shape, sprinkle with a thin line of freeze-dried coffee and, lastly, add 7 drops of salted lemon compote.

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