The best seafood Chef in Rome opens new Bistro in Fiumicino

Gianfranco Pascucci, the best seafood chef in Rome, opened new fish bistro at affordable prices called Mare Bistrot in Fiumicino on March 14th. The bistro will offer barbecued fish, classic appetizers, and delicious fish sandwiches in a modern setting. The bistro aims to make haute cuisine more accessible to everyone. The announcement was made on social media with a photo of Gianfranco Pascucci and Alessandro Pietrini, the owner of La Marina restaurant, who are both involved in the Mare Bistrot project. The fish and fishing expert, Luigi Amoruso, is also part of the team. The seafood bistro will serve the highest quality raw materials, as Pascucci's customers have come to expect, but in a more agile manner. The bistro will have a good selection of sandwiches, and some dishes will be cooked on the grill. The Mare Bistrot is an exciting new addition to the coast of Rome.


Gianfranco Pascucci was born in 1970 in Fiumicino and he has been one of the most popular chefs in Italy for many years. Despite having no formal training or education from high school or renowned chefs, he has managed to elevate the fish cuisine of this area of the Tyrrhenian Sea to high standards. He didn't just focus on the catch; instead, he broadened his perspective to the entire marine ecosystem, including the seabed, shoreline, scrub grasses, and hinterland. His restaurant has been open on the town's marina for over twenty years, occupying the same structure where his grandfather ran a small trattoria that served bread, wine, and uncomplicated dishes to inhabitants and workers.


Pascucci, along with his wife Vanessa Melis (who manages the restaurant), sources ingredients directly from fishing boats and local farmers. His commitment to the potential of the area is reflected in his non-profit association, Periphery Iodata, which brings together restaurateurs and producers. Some of them are also involved in the new Mare Bistrot. Pascucci earned a Michelin star in 2012 and, six years later, completely renovated the restaurant. Mare Bistrot, and was opened on March 14th, 2024. Pascucci explains that he and his wife wanted to broaden their idea of seafood cuisine in a more complex way, and also to help their employees by providing them with a "laboratory" to grow and learn. They aim to use their research to create in-depth work that is approachable and readable. This is a good example of how top chefs are attracted to more popular and inclusive formats, not just in Rome but also elsewhere.


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