Feste della Cape 2024 - Cape Festival at Lignano Sabbiadoro

Lignano Sabbiadoro is a small town located halfway between Venice and Trieste in the Province of Udine. It boasts of 5 miles of fine-sand beaches and excellent lodging structures, making it a popular destination for seaside tourism in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The town has received several national and international recognitions, especially the famous Blue Flag. The sea and the lagoon are integral parts of Lignano Sabbiadoro's identity. The town celebrates its connection with the sea through the Festa delle Cape or the Annual Cape Festival which took place in March of this year. The event was originally created in 1984 by local fishermen to showcase the fish products and culinary specialties of the Upper Adriatic. The festival uses the aromas and flavours of the local cuisine to tell the story of Lignano and its surrounding areas to locals and visitors. The festival featured several local specialties, such as the razor clams or long cape, which give the event its name. Other dishes include pevarasse (clams in the Friulian dialect), breaded and saor sardines (fried and served with onions), stewed cuttlefish, calamari, cod, and many more.


The Cape Festival or the Festa della Cape 2024, now in its 39th edition, took place on two weekends - 2-3 and 9-10 March. During the festival, guests were able to taste typical fish dishes such as razor clams, also known as long capes, which give the name to the event. The clams were prepared on the grill along with other delicacies such as pevarasse (clams in Friulian dialect), breaded and saor sardines (served with an onion sauce), stewed cuttlefish, calamari, cod, and sea lasagne with fish-based sauce. These dishes are not only made using high-quality raw materials and recipes that enhance their taste, but they also represent the history, culture, and traditions of Lignano.

Some of the recipes that we know today have very ancient origins. Take sardines in saor, for example. It's a dish that was created to make poor fish like sardines more valuable. "Saor," which means "savour" in Italian, is a sweet and sour preparation made with onions and vinegar. This gave the dish a long shelf life. On the other hand, Cape or razor clams have always been more versatile. They are perfect for making appetizers, first courses, second courses, and unique dishes that can be enjoyed in any season. During winter, they can recreate the atmosphere of the warmer months, and during summer, they can bring the taste of the sea to the table.



After enjoying these delicacies, you can take a walk on the nearby golden sandy beach. You can head east from Pineta a Sabbiadoro towards the iconic Red Lighthouse on the tip of the Lignano peninsula. Or you can go west to explore the coast of the Riviera up to the mouth of the Tagliamento River. You can admire the freshwater that joins the salt water of the Adriatic. In addition to the pleasure, the organization donates the proceeds to charity every year.

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