Jovanotti's Song for the 2024 Giro D'Italia!

Italian musician Jovanotti, who is known for his love of cycling, has written the theme song for the 107th edition of the Giro d'Italia. The race will begin in Venaria Reale on May 4th, 2024 and end in Rome on May 26th of the same year. The organizers of the Giro d'Italia have expressed their gratitude to Jovanotti for his contribution, stating that it will significantly promote the Corsa Rosa. Even Rai, the Italian public broadcaster, has expressed its pride in collaborating with such a great Giro fan. Many cycling enthusiasts may be familiar with Jovanotti's cycling docu-series, "I Don't Want to Change the Planet" or "Aracataca," which showcase his bicycle journeys through stunning landscapes such as the Atacama desert and the Andes. Unfortunately, Jovanotti recently suffered a serious accident while on holiday in Santo Domingo. He fell from his bike due to an unseen speed deterrent, fracturing his pelvis and collarbone. He underwent surgery and is currently recovering, which has limited his mobility.

Jova has maintained a positive attitude despite his recent accident. He loves cycling and traveling, and desires to get back on his bike as soon as possible. To heal mentally from the accident, Lorenzo is working hard on his body and rehabilitation. It is thought that he will be able to try his hand at racing again in 2025. Lorenzo has been a spectator of the Giro d'Italia since he was young, and felt honored to write the theme song for the 2024 "Giro."

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