A Parma Pasticceria called "Lady" reinterpretating Zuppa Inglese

In the province of Parma, at the Nuova Pasticceria Lady in San Secondo. This Pasticceria is famous for its take on of the Duchess Cake or Zuppa Inglese. A salted caramel and peanut butter mignon and a trifle. Origin of this dessert is that the Lady dessert was the invention of Angelo Pezzarossa and a group of friends who just over twenty years ago - decided to launch this Pasticceria. They took over the previous Pasticceria Zambelli (opened in 1982), with the deep experience of the pastry chefs and their different experiences and passions that come together: from mixology to sociology to pastry making. 

The Duchess Cake, is a Parma tradition. Soft and crunchy parts delight in that encounter with the hazelnut and zabaglione mousses, which satisfy the palate. Their version of the Zuppa Trifle. 

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