The famous Tortelloni IT Handbag from Frederico Cina

The Frederico Cina Fashion brand was established in 2019 after Federico reflected on his origins. The runway looks evoke a nostalgic and sentimental atmosphere, showcasing the romantic essence of the history and culture of Romagna. Federico's profound connections with his homeland remain a significant part of the brand's DNA. "I was born in the wrong place," he would repeat to his mom at the age of three, reflecting his desire to break free. After pursuing studies and beginning his career in fashion, he leaves home, living between Milan, Osaka, and New York to realize his dream. However, he eventually feels the need to return home. "At some point, I felt the need to come back, not only to my land but generally to all those values that had been transmitted to me."

Milan Fashion Week showcases innovation and creativity in Italian fashion design. The introduction of designer Federico Cina’s Tortellino Bag at this year’s February 2024 show marked the first time a handbag in the form of a pasta shape took center stage at the exclusive event. Vogue Italia quickly named the Tortellino Bag the “it-bag” of the moment following the show. Made of sustainable leather, double-stitched, and shaped like the iconic pasta from Emilia Romagna, the genderless bag comes in two sizes and 13 different colors. It is fully lined and features a discreet zipper along its back, an interior pocket, and a long removable strap.

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