Italian Capital of Culture for 2026: L'Aquila

The capital of Abruzzo Aquila won the title of Italian Capital of Culture for 2026.   This was announced by the relevant minister,with the jury and representatives of all the other 9 finalist cities:  Agnone (Isernia), Alba (Cuneo), Gaeta (Latina), Latina, Lucera (Foggia), Maratea (Potenza), Rimini, Treviso and Union of Municipalities Valdichiana Senese (Siena). Framed by the crests of the Gran Sasso, along the Aterno river, Aquila was founded in 1254, was awarded the title established in 2014 for having presented a territorial development project which designs, above all through culture, a clear path of rebirth and resistance as a response to the catastrophic consequences of the violent earthquake of 2009.

The other candidate cities will be our allies and accomplices to create a new Italian cultural network ", commented the mayor Pierluigi Biondi after the announcement. "L'Aquila is preparing to experience its fifteenth anniversary of the earthquake: the recognition of Italian Capital of Culture (...) represents an element with which to rebuild the social fabric of our communities". Having picked up the baton from Pesaro and Agrigento, municipalities chosen for this 2024 and for the nearby 2025, L'Aquila will give space and meaning to a recovery project that intends to team up on the basis of a model - replicable - that rewards the 4 axes of the New European Agenda of Culture: social cohesion, public health, well-being, creativity and innovation, socio-environmental sustainability.

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