The Almond Tree Festival - Valley of the Temples

In the Valley of the Temples near Agrigento in Sicily there is a special festival dedicated to the blossoming of almond trees - Mandorlo in Fiore 2024. This years's festival in mid-February indicates the arrival of Spring and attracts groups of people from all over the world. No different at this year's event which had over a week of folkore and music festivities. Mandorlo in fiore  took place this year from 9 to 17 March;  celebrating the flowering of the almond trees in this very special ancient area of the Valley of the Temples, a unique setting for this special Festival.

The festival has very ancient origins, this one in 2024 is the seven-sixth edition and celebrates not only the flowering but also the beginning of spring. The almond tree is very representative tree for the agridcultural tradition of the Valley of the Temples, so much so that since 1997 a Living Museum of the Almond Tree has been established at the foot of the hill of the Temple of Juno, with around 200 different species of this plant, which are studied from the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Palermo. The use of almonds in Sicilian pastry making and gastronomy is vast, from ricotta to desserts, biscuits as well as in the cuisine of Agrigento. 

Sicilian Almond Paste Pastries are produced using 100% Sicilian almonds and are famous for their softness, unmistakable taste and characteristic surface decorated with toasted almonds or candied fruit. The selection from DallaSicilia.com is available also online.

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