Stanely Tucci returns to Palermo for a National Geographic Episode

Stanley Tucci, the American actor returns to Palermo, wandering around the market stalls; being back in the Sicilian capital to shoot an episode of a TV series that will be produced for National Geographic. He had already been to Palermo in 2019 to shoot a documentary which was then broadcast on CNN. Now he's back for a new series with the provisional title "Tucci - The Heart of Italy". In a video published on Instagram, the Hollywood star was filmed while walking among the stalls full of vegetables, fruit and food at the Capo market. The new television production starring Tucci includes 10 episodes, shot throughout Italy, is produced for National Geographic and will be broadcast by Disney+.

The Capo market (Il Capo), together with the other markets in Palermo such as Ballarò, La Vucciria, Lattarini and the Flea Market, is an important retail agri-food point of sale in Palermo. It is a very lively and characteristic food market: the colours, the shouts (i vuci) of the sellers, the animation of the stalls make it an essential element of the character of the city of Palermo. It is a very active market - open every day, including Sunday morning, giving the opportunity to purchase both food and other merchandise at a good price: fruit, vegetables, spices, meat, fish, etc. There are also food stalls and trattorias. It extends along via Carini and via Beati Paoli, via di Sant'Agostino and via Cappuccinelle. The main access to the market is Porta Carini and via the same name, which leads to Piazza Capo. 

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