Easter Eggs as works of Art! Only in Italy!

Easter eggs as works of art. Pastry Chef's Walter Musco's laboratory in Rome at Largo Bompiani provides a behind the scenes of egg art work production. His pastry shop transforms into an exhibition space around Easter time. There are classic designs and the artistic ones that pay homage to Caravaggio, or quirky ones such as the Square Colosseum, Renato Zero and Zerocalcare, the Italian Cartoonist - currently on show at the Shop exhibition until 30th March . How much work goes into preparing these arty Easter eggs? Not only, does each egg have an intricate decoration on the surface, but also in the 'concept' of the recipes takes a lot planning and sketches to model the design.

Walter Musco, the Roman pastry chef in question, before dedicating himself to desserts, ran an art gallery.   Having operating the Pasticerria since 2009, he is also well-known for not only his éclaires, Maritozzi, profiteroles but also his millefeuille. 

 And his artful cake creations which are also art work on its own - one does not want to actually destroy them by eating them. But when you read the recipes, you are very much tempted!!

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