Why Mimosa Flowers for Womens Day in Italy?

The former partisans Rita Montagnana, Teresa Mattei and Teresa Noce chose the yellow flower, the Mimosa.  The women were elected on 2 June 1946 to the constituent assembly to write the Constitutional Charter together, bringing the voice and demands of women into parliament. Teresa "Chicchi" Mattei was responsible for choosing the yellow flower which happens to grow at the beginning of March. The Mimosa was considered popular and affordable for everyone, compared to other more sophisticated and expensive flowers, especially in the aftermath of two world wars which had put Italy to the test, from an economic and social point of view. To support her idea, Mattei invented an ancient Chinese legend in which mimosas represented women, their sensitivity, unity and sense of belonging to a group, to a family due to all those little flowers that make up the flower.

In line with Womens Day - La Festa della Donna - and the custom of giving Mimosas to women the Veneto Pasticceria KoSìdolce created a gluten-free cake for Women's Day resembling a Mimosa Flower. On the occasion of Women's Day, the KoSìdolce  Pasticceria presents two exclusive creations to celebrate femininity and sweetness in all their splendor.  In line with the characteristics of the Mimosa Flower being delicate and decisive; a cake is being created by the Pasticceria. The Mimosa Cake enchants with layers of tropical fruit mousse, a caramel cream that melts in your mouth and a milk compote that gives a touch of freshness. A combination of delicate and refined flavors that pays homage to the tradition of the festival.

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