Netflix announces 'A.C.A.B' the TV series to be filmed between Rome and Piedmont

A.C.A.B. the new 6-episode serial project produced by Cattleya - part of ITV Studios - directed by Michele Alhaique, is arriving soon on Netflix. It takes a look at a controversial riot cops unit, told through the stories of three veteran cops and a young recruit. Of the original cast of the film only Marco Giallini remains, and is joined, for this new project, by Adriano Giannini, Valentina Bellè, Pierluigi Gigante and Fabrizio Nardi. The series is based on the novel ACAB by Carlo Bonini, as well as the film ACAB. The six-episode series follows a night of ferocious clashes in Val di Susa. A team from the Mobile Unit of Rome loses their chief, who is seriously injured. But Mazinga (Giallini), Marta (Bellè), and Salvatore’s (Gigante) team isn’t like the others. It’s a team from Rome, which had to learn to contrast chaos and troubles with extreme methods, as well as with the harmony of a tribe, almost like a family. A family that the new commander, Michele (Giannini), part of the reformist police, will have to deal with. In addition to Rome, filming will take place in Turin and Val di Susa.

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