Italian Gourmet Chef opens Fast Food Restaurant in historic Ostia Petrol Station

Abruzzo Chef Niko Romito has opened a fast food restaurant in a historic petrol station in Ostia - ALT Stazione del Gusto. Second Roman opening for ALT Stazione del Gusto by Niko Romito with Enilive; with a track record of hundred openings in 4 years, to revolutionize travel catering with Enilive. “Wherever the customer moves, there the customer will find Enilive and its catering options”: words from the Eni company and Chef Romito. Together they inaugurated the latest ALT Stazione del Gusto on 9 February 2024 in a still fully functional service station in Ostia. Five months after the first "fast-food" restaurant in Rome Eur, it is a new step towards the re-definition of the travel restaurant offer, with the prospect of a hundred franchising restaurants in the near future.

Chef Romito was betting on the fact that even street and "travel" food deserved a dignified setting. The first opening on the Castel di Sangro state road was in 2019, where the three-starred Reale is also located, followed by a second in Montesilvano, in the province of Pescara. On that occasion he came into contact with Eni — "they wondered why I was interested in a service station, they were a bit surprised!" — now they understand the potential well. Part rotisserie and part "truck stop", at ALT you can find fried chicken, toast, sandwiches and the famous stuffed panini bombs. A fast, manageable and replicable format.

As? “Some think that quality cannot be achieved with a standardized model,” explains Romito, “but exactly the opposite is true.” The two Roman openings in a space of five months are in fact the beginning of a growth path, with the forecast of a hundred service stations in the next four years, of which 20-30% abroad.The one in Ostia has been refurbished but retaining the historic service station design of the 1960s and has as all day dining, and with the fuel service unchanged. In the restaurant right behind the petrol pumps, you can go for breakfast with pastries to lunch or snack and dinner, with the "Romito repertoire": fried chicken (€28, to share), bombe (€7), soups (10-12 €), meatballs (€12), toast, sandwiches, chips and ice cream (€3.50-4). All with a view of the Palazzo delle Poste in Ostia by the great architect Angiolo Mazzoni, one of the most emblematic buildings of the Thirties.

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