Did you celebrate Nutella Day on the 5th February?

Did you know that World Nutella® Day was established on February 5, 2007 by Sara Rosso, an American blogger passionate about Nutella®? Sara thought that Nutella® deserved to be celebrated with an international day and all Nutella® lovers agreed with her! So Nutella® fans began sharing photos, ideas, inspirations and recipes on social media: this is how World Nutella® Day soon became a global phenomenon. Since then, every year we try to bring together anyone who shares Sara's love for Nutella® to celebrate World Nutella® Day together.

Bread and Nutella are the ideal combination - let's have a look at differences across Regions

Nutella had a number of submissions from different regions of how they eat Nutella for breakfast - in combination with their respective breads of the region. Fabulous combinations!!

Altamura Bread - the famous break from Puglia. Cited in Horace's Satires in 37 BC, it was defined by the Latin poet as "the best bread in the world". Its fame grew in the following centuries, so much so that in 1600 there were 26 bread-making plants active in Altamura alone. Altamura D.O.P. Bread is a protected bakery product made from a mixture of re-milled durum wheat semolina, sourdough or sourdough starter, sea salt, and water.

The Polifemo bread from Abruzzo is an ancient bread that has spread thanks to its ability (due to its large size) to be able to feed even the largest families (we are talking about a historical period in which it was customary to have no less than ten people around the same table people). It is typical of the Teramo area, but there are numerous variations throughout the Abruzzo region which share the same type of dough but differ in size.

In Piemonte, the ideal partner to Nutella in the morning is the Pancarré is in fact a Piedmontese term that derives from the French "pain carré", literally translated as "square bread". However, the literary translation is Turin DOC: in France there is no trace of this term nor of this bread. This white bread is very popular also for use in preparing the typical Italian sandwiches - Tramezzini. 

In the Alto Adige, one eats for breakfast the local The recipe for this bread, called "spare" due to its longevity, dates back centuries. It is the oldest type of bread from Alto Adige region. This loaf, which is made of sourdough, cumin, bread clover and fennel, was first invented in the Benedictine abbey of Marienberg near Burgusio/Burgeis in the 13th century. 70% of the bread consists of rye flour, also using wheat and spelt flour.The meaning of the term "Paarl", "couple", seems to wish, with the symbolic form "inverted eight", an infinite union.

No one knows for sure the origins of the Mafalda bread from Sicily. Some say that the recipe dates back to the end of the 19th century, when a baker on the island decided to dedicate the name of the loaf to the daughter of King Vittorio Emanuele; others, however, maintain that it was imported by the Arab populations who traded with the region. In any case, sesame remains the particular note that accompanies the tasting and the ingredient that has made Mafalda one of the most loved breads by Sicilians.

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