Italian Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day has now become one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, during which to spend special moments with your loved one. Traditionally, February 14th obviously cannot be without a gift for your partner. But which ones are the most popular gifts?There are three characteristics that a gift must have to meet: leave an indelible mark in the heart of those who receive it: surprise, specificity (personalized - to make him/her feel unique and special) and the experiential nature  such as a romantic dinner, a wellness weekend at the spa or similar. 

The perfect Valentine's Day gift doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to come from the heart. Whether a joint cooking session creating your own joint Valentine's menu or having a Valentine picnic at home - these ideas do not have to cost a lot. Or create your own Valentine's day card;  and to make the surprise even more exciting, send the card by post or post it in your mailbox for your loved one to find! Chocolates are never wrong - the Baci Perugina in the classic version will please everyone, but the dark or ruby chocolate ones, i.e. total pink, are even more fabulous in particular in the beautiful San Valentino box.

Packshi Men's Shirt Travel Shirt Holder | Wrinkle-Free Garment Bag Case for Carrying and Traveling in Suitcase with Bilateral Folding Insert Gift for Men. 

For a more exclusive gift idea of for the Valentino Garavani Toile Iconographe phone bag with its Iconographe patterning. Equipped with a detachable sliding chain.

A romantic dinner in one of Milano's top restaurant such as the Dazi Milano is a wonderful location, with a panoramic view of the Arco della Pace: it welcomes couples with a special romantic dinner and a tailored menu on Wednesday 14 February 2024. Or the splendid Besana Milan restaurant, located in the heart of the marvelous Roman monument in Milan, surrounded by the historic walls; ready to amaze couples on Valentine's Day with a romantic dinner created by Michelin Star Chef Tommaso Arrigoni; overlooking the illuminated gardens. 

Special gift packs from Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio or personalized polar-effekt 2 engraved “Leonardo” Wine Glasses Valentine's Day Gift for Couples Heart with Bow. From Amazon.

Or if you are after a more decadent Valentine's Day presents, here a few ideas: Or these beautifully designed Valentino High Heels Garavani Roserouche sandal 1990 in calfskin with a sculpted heel with archive-inspired 3D-effect flower in plastic material. Or a Prada crew-neck sweater with a minimal allure; but signed with the typical inlaid lettering logo. Or the limited edition Tod's Red suede sneakers with Tod's monogram stamped on the tongue and rubber outsole.

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