Milan shows what the new Office Canteen should look like!

Goodbye old company canteen. In these Milan offices, coffee and lunch breaks are super gourmet. The gastronomic offer dedicated to businesses from the Three Michelin Star restaurant Da Vittorio arrives in the Segreen business park in Milan. A collaboration that marks the arrival of a company restaurant serving 600 meals a day, a gourmet format and a bar. A great collaboration of brothers Chicco and Bobo Cerea delivers another innovative offering leveraging their Da Vittorio brand in Brusaporto, which includes Catering, Gourmet Shop and Take-Aways.  Partnering with Vicook, they have opened a Gourmet Company Canteen in the Segreen Business Park on the outskirts of Milan

Vicook is a catering company that offers personalized services in the field of food service - classic and collective catering and canteen management - founded in Bergamo in 2007 by the Cerea family. A project born from the desire to provide quality food, from a gustatory, nutritional and environmental point of view, even outside their restaurant and at any time of the day. “The premise is this: the ritual of food – be it a quick break during a conference, a formal lunch or a break from work – is a beautiful thing”. From catering for events to school catering, from commercial catering to that for RSA, as well as corporate catering.

 And there are quite a few companies that have chosen to rely on Vicook/Cerea for their food & beverage sector. Prestigious brands and companies such as Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Adidas, Pomellato and Juventus FC Headquarters are clients. They also signed an agreement with Allianz, entering as the sole food and wine supplier inside the Allianz Tower of CityLife in Milan, home of the DaV restaurant. And then the collaboration with Esselunga for the Elisenda pastry shop. To date, over a hundred companies have chosen to rely on Vicook, including the latest new entry: the Segreen Business Park in Milan San Felice.

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