DOC - the 3rd Season is coming!

The new season of DOC Nelle Tue Mani is returning on RAI TV as from the 11th January; the famous TV series diving into the daily events and trials of a Milanese hospital. In the highly anticipated third season, Doctor Fanti's (Luca Argentero) partner Agnese (Sara Lazzaro) will be a key character. The fate and psychological balance of «Doc» Fanti will depend on her, or rather, on what only she knows. Which is a nice reversal of perspective. In the collective imagination of fans, until now Agnese had been the first wife competing with her husband's beautiful, young lover Giulia (Matilde Gioli) in the TV series. But Fanti is trying to win her back.

He is half successful (only at the end of the second season does Agnese leave her new partner) while he manages very well to give Giulia a thumbs up. Well, with this new season Agnese becomes much more than the champion of all Italian wives: the character becomes darker, almost with antagonistic features. In fact, in the space of just these two episodes it seems that, in the past, she attempted suicide - but she denies it - and that she also cheated on Fanti - again, she denies it -. These are two mere hypotheses but something is boiling under the ashes otherwise Agnese would not be terrified by Fanti's decision to undergo treatment to recover her memory.


There is something about their past that she doesn't want her husband to remember. According to the (new) flashbacks, Doc has not become grim following the death of his son: the cause is another but we have another ten episodes to discover. At this point, the "wife beats lover" primacy creaks dangerously: although Giulia insists on saying that she is over Fanti, it is clear that this is not the case. Certainly, this new characterization further enhances the interpretation of the role of Agnese, by Sara Lazzaro.

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    Netty (Tuesday, 19 March 2024 19:50)

    Ehen will the season 3 be on prime video?