Al Bano and Pedro Alonso Dinner Date

Recently Pedro Alonso shared a glass of wine and a sandwich with Al Bano, recognising that a number of songs from Al Bano are being staged in the new Berlin series, a spin-off of La Casa di Carta.The song that Alonso sings in the new series (he also sang Ti Amo by Umberto Tozzi very well in La Casa di Carta), he sings Felicita from Al Bano in the new series. During their conversation a question to Al Bano - who among other things answers without any hesitation in fluent Spanish - to find out what is the strangest lunch he has attended. "In Erfurt, East Germany - replies Al Bano - in '87. We ate sauerkraut and frankfurters every day, I had a great desire for spaghetti". 

According to Al Bano:  "Happiness is also making wine - the singer confesses to the actor - because in vino veritas. I made my first bottle in '73. Then other wines and one of these I called Happiness. Because wine gives emotion. With wine you can taste happiness." In Cellino San Marco (BR), the Al Bano Carrisi agricultural company produces wine, oil and grappa. Among the labels, in addition to Felicità, there is one dedicated to Don Carmelo, the singer's father who first took him to the vineyard and taught him how to free it from weeds. 

The Netflix series, Berlino, in which Berlino has made a name for himself as Europe's greatest thief, and his gang, consisting of Keila, Cameron, Damián, Roi and Bruce, are in Paris, where they are organizing an ambitious heist of jewels worth a total of of 44 million euros.

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