What are Italians most popular New Year's Resolutions for 2024?

New Year's resolutions are commitments we make to ourselves to improve aspects of our lives during the new year. They can concern different areas of our existence, such as health, personal well-being, relationships, career or any other area in which we wish to progress. For most Italians, as probably for many people; they cover Health and Wellness; Personal growth in terms of skills or hobbies; personal relationships and career and work.  One observation though is that a lot of resolutions in Italy relate to food and holidays. Both coming with a stronger focus on sustainability for 2024. 

Health & Wellness - Personal Growth - Family - Work & Career

The key to good intentions is the genuine desire for change and personal growth. However, a list of new resolutions is more likely to be accomplished when the goals are actually achievable and under our direct control. At the same time, goals that are too high for one's capabilities risk creating unnecessary and harmful frustration, inevitably leading to failure. It is therefore right to set yourself objectives that are challenging and plausible, taking into account the means you have available. Health and wellness: Do more regular exercise; Maintain a correct and balanced diet; Reduce stress through meditation, mindfulness and yoga. Personal growth: Learn a new skill or hobby; Read at least one book a month; Practice daily gratitude. Relations: Dedicate quality time to friends and family; Improve active listening skills; Express appreciation and affection regularly. Work and Career: Set clear career goals; Manage finances with a monthly budget; Invest in professional self-development. 

On-line, whether blogs or in magazines, there is a wealth of advice for getting back into shape with detox breakfast, to the routine "take long walks, stop smoking, cut down on alcohol and dedicate yourself to the Mediterranean diet". And there is a group of Italians who make resolutions with the aim of cooking more at home; in the context of health, eating less processed food and also the high cost of living. Of if you are not a list person, you can keep it simple as Laura Pausini who says she just wants to smile more! /"Voglio sorridere di più"! 

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