The most expensive Panettone!

It costs 700 thousand euros, is covered in edible gold leaf and diamonds and is made by a Turin pastry chef, Dario Hartvig. Well-known in the industry and among lovers of precious creations, the pastry chef creates true jewel-like desserts, even on commission. Dario Hartvig, pastry chef at Pasticceria del Borgo in Carmagnola, has created the most luxurious panettone in the world: 5 kg of saffron and dark chocolate dough covered with a sheet of 22-carat gold and the possibility of adding diamonds to order.  A slice of panettone that is worth a treasure and is more than a jewel. To give as a gift or treat yourself during the Festive season to the nth degree! Not everyone spends 700 thousand Euros on the most expensive panettone in the world which, no, is not found in the United Arab Emirates but in the heart of the very Italian Piedmont.

The customers included a Russian magnate who paid half a million euros and an Indian billionaire, who gave his niece 700,000 euro Panettone for her wedding. The reason for the high cost, explains the master pastry chef Dario Hartvig on Rai 3, is due to the fact that it had a band of diamonds at the base plus a tiara of white gold and diamonds of various carats, from the smallest to the largest. The "Jewel Panettone" have thus become increasingly famous, combining luxury with goodness, becoming an object of desire for billionaires all over the world. Dario Hartvig, thanks to his skill, has thus achieved well-deserved popularity and every year he manages to have new record orders.

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