Christmas Table Settings to impress family and guests!

Classical Christmas Table in Red and White

The red and white Christmas table has a bit of a nostalgic flair of the past. A touch of red will be a splendid contrast with the white and will allow you to warm up the atmosphere of the elegant Christmas table. Use red in moderation: White tablecloth with red runner or small accents such as napkin holders and centerpieces will be a perfect compromise! To add a bit of a british touch use a tartan tablecloth.

Scandinavian charm: the rustic Christmas table in simple green

If you have a home with minimal or Scandinavian furnishings, the rustic Christmas table is certainly the one that suits you best. Just imagine decorating a cabin in the woods: the scent of the pines, the rough wood, the snow, the silence... To set a rustic and Nordic-inspired Christmas table, use tones of white and green. If you have a beautiful wooden table, it's time to show it off! Instead, use placemats and runners, always in shades of green, gold and brown, so as to leave the top visible with all its beautiful grains. Natural fabrics, plants and candles are fundamental elements of this intimate and warm table decor. Obviously key are the candles, placed all over the table, strictly white, warm.

Regal Elegance: the blue and silver Christmas table

If you have a home with a classic and particularly elegant decor style, the blue and silver Christmas table may be a great way to present your home.  A luxurious color combination that enhances the Christmas atmosphere even more without going off topic. Choose peacock blue: Instead of the traditional midnight blue, opt for a warmer shade closer to teal. You can use peacock blue for napkins and napkin holders, while a white tablecloth will add a touch of light to your elegant Christmas table. If you want to go with the polar ice theme, use midnight blue, light blue and snow white as the chosen colors. 

Something different - Chic Christmas table in Yellow

Here a version by Micaela.com using fake yellow fur roses, gold candelabras, a vintage white wooden table and linen and lace runners. The table is to recall the Sicilian baroque style and, at the same time, features innovative materials but without losing visual tradition through the use of gold and yellow together.  On a white tablecloth, place gold-colored linen placemats or runners, one for each couple of guests, and place a white ceramic service, golden cutlery and crystal glasses with gold finishes on top. For the centerpiece you can choose elegant golden candelabras or refined trays on which to place the condiments. 

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