The most expensive Cornetto from Napoli for 100 Euros!

Magma is the latest pastry invention from "Zio Rocco" born Rocco Cannavino, the pastry chef known for turning  pastries into performance art. In particular, the Italian croissant - "the Cornetto" has been gaining a lot of attention on Instagram; resulting in long queues in front of his Pastry Lab Stores in central Naples. Zio Rocco is also known  for the most expensive standard-sized croissant in Italy (at least so far): 25 euros, which is only available on the occasion of the feast of San Gennaro, the patron saint of Naples with the Cornetto being covered in small gold flakes. But the latest price record has been achieved with the launch of the Magma, inspired by the Vesuvius, at 100 Euros; only a small batch of 20 items being produced by Pastry Chef Zio Rocco and chef Francesco Sodano (he created the gourmet sandwich format Sodano Is Pop).

Pastry Chef Rocco Cannavino specifies that the Magma Cornetto is entirely inspired by Vesuvius: being completely black. "Magma has the flaky dough of the Italian croissant with vegetal charcoal” Cannavino tells CiboToday “it is filled with a buffalo milk cream and the external yellow peel  of Vesuvian lemons. Another twist is the black acidic lemon jam, created by Chef Sodano through the oxidation process he also developed for his 'Black lemon risotto'. Finally, to complete the cornetto there is the edible ash created by chef Sodano".

Magma is sold in the case that traditionally houses the Nativity, designed by Ferrigno, and in a pack that recalls the shape of Monte Somma. Furthermore, the entire proceeds from the sale of the 20 pieces produced will be donated to Tabita Onlus which helps the homeless in Naples (the product, on pre-order, will be ready on December 22nd).

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