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At Herno, it all started with a raincoat. It was from that 1948 cotton, treated with castor oil from planes abandoned by the war, that a young Giuseppe Marenzi and his wife Alessandra Diana sensed the possibility of setting up a business. The post-war period in Italy was all about experimentation and innovation which triggered Herno's focus on designing functional first jackets, followed by high-performance coats.  Superior workmanship as can only be found in Italy, but also practical and protecting against the cold and rain, the northern wind and the humidity of the lake region. In the mid-1950s there were also women’s garments, reversible, hand-woven cashmere coats. In 1968 Herno was already overseas in the east, in Japan, with boutiques in Osaka and then Tokyo, followed by the US in the early 1980s. The brand Herno was founded in Lesa which is located at the mouth of Erno river that flows shortly thereafter into Lake Maggiore. 

Latest Winter Collection

The value and excellence of products Made in Italy depend on quality choices being made long before production begins. At Herno, these aspects hinge on the work of an in-house team: around 100 people including stylists, tailors, models and vendors. Many of them started at a very young age and some, and have been at Herno for decades cutting and sewing, passing down skills and expertise to younger generations and reinforcing the secrets of the Italian tradition.

One of the latest designs is this Bomber jacket made from Herno's iconic nylon ultralight fabric: an innovative technical material that is highly water-resistant and provides a luxurious, silk-like feel.  Designed for special occasions, the piece features a front and back made of soft mink-like faux fur. The exquisite down filling is soft, light and retains warmth.

Ideas from Spring Collections

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    Khalid Rehman (Thursday, 11 April 2024 19:42)

    Herno’s products are excellent. Saw a men’s jacket with buttons on the left. Is that possible. It was a travelling jacket with a pocket inside the back of the jacket.

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    ciao@amalfistyle.com (Saturday, 13 April 2024 01:26)

    Thank you for your enquiry. Pls direct your question directly to HERNO - or your closest HERNO stockist at https://www.herno.com/en/.