"Polpetta" the new Milan restaurant dedicated to meatballs

It's called Polpetta and it's the latest trendy restaurant to arrive in Milan, in Via Tortona 21. A restaurant entirely dedicated to one of the best-known Italian dishes - the legendary meatball - il polpette. For many of us, the polpette or meatball is a lifestyle, unrivaled comfort food and with this new restaurant Polpetta has a new home in Milan. Early December, the fourth Polpetta brand restaurant will open, the first in Milan, after the Roman openings which were highly successful.

Behind this new restaurant venture are four partners: Chef Giovanni Nerini, Andrea Laurenza, Alessio Di Cosimo and Salvatore Iannicelli. The menu includes: 

„Polpetta a Milano" was born with a very clear idea: to present the meatball as the main dish of a gastronomic journey. Hence, you will find the classic ones (€13.5), fried or with tomato sauce with minced meat, with broccoli and sausage, or those of Roman inspiration (€13.5): all'amatriciana, cacio e pepe, passing through saltimbocca meatballs. The meatballs from around the world are internationally inspired: from Japan the meatballs in teriyaki sauce (€14.5) to Thailand with the prawns in Thai red curry with steamed rice (€15.5). Not just meat, in fact the restaurant menu offers various fish and vegetable meatballs. Among the fish ones we find steamed salmon and courgette meatballs served with white rice, ponzu sauce and chives (€15.5); while among the vegetarian options there are aubergine, ricotta salata and thyme meatballs, chickpea meatballs or Mantuan pumpkin meatballs (€13). Furthermore, all the meatballs on the menu are also gluten free.

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