"Eclectic" Electa Bookstores in the Colosseum

Electa bookshops are specialized bookshops with a fashionable modern look, in which visitors can find all the relevant literature, postcards, posters and magnets relevant to the museum, monument or exhibition they are just visiting. They also sell reproductions of works of art as well as artist multiples and obviously the latest editions of international publishing. Well over 20 years, Electa has gained a reputation for its high quality and tailored merchandising and publishing dedicated to museums, exhibitions and publishing. There are three Mondadori Electa bookshops located at the Colosseum. The contrast of the stores modern design within the Colosseum creates a fascinating divergence from the archaeology in general and the Colosseum itself. The Milan-based Design duo of migliore+servetto were tasked with the redesign.

Each Electa store in the Colosseum, however, boasts individuality through precise color variations, imparting a distinct identity to every space. These colors include sulphurous yellow for Colosseum First Gallery, scarlet red for Colosseum Second Gallery, green celadon for San Gregorio al Palatino, and yellow cadmium for Clivo Palatino. The Clivo Palatino store is nestled within a newly constructed lower volume, and distinguished by a commanding ribbon window overlooking the Archaeological Park.

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