Italian Grand Prix Weekend in Monza

The Italian Grand Prix is the fifth oldest national Grand Prix, having been held since 1921. In 2013 it became the most held Grand Prix. It is one of the two Grands Prix which has run as an event of the Formula One World Championship Grands Prix every season, continuously since the championship was introduced in 1950. Monza is one of the most exciting F1 tracks as it is the fastest. Part of this is down to its layout. Featuring long straights and wide corners, drivers can push their vehicles to full speed for around 75% of the course. Cars regularly reach over 350 km per hour. The Grand Prix weekend around Monza and Brianza also offers many delicious opportunities because there are numerous gastronomic events happening with street food, festivals and village festivals. 

Considered the “Temple of Speed,” Monza consistently features some of the highest average speeds of any F1 circuit. Its long straights, combined with fast corners, make it a challenging track for teams and drivers, often testing the cars' aerodynamics and drivers' skills to the limit.

The Italian Grand Prix , which the Autodromo Nazionale Monza has been hosting for about a century, is a unique, loved and coveted event worldwide. Hospitality Packages are extra luxury solutions designed to give an exciting and immersive experience to a small circle of spectators. Throughout the Grand Prix weekend, in fact, thanks to these dedicated Hospitality packages, it is possible to relax in exclusive and elegant areas. Whether the Fans Club which provides an exclusive view of the pit lane and numbered seats on the Ascari exit grandstand; or the Garden Lounge with an exclusive outdoor lounge with reserved grandstands overlooking the track; or lastly the Race Club - a VIP room or private suite in front of the starting grid, in a luxurious setting, soundproofed and with reserved seats and hospitality.

Monza has always been a symbolic location for Ferrari, as it is considered the home track for the Italian racing team. Ferrari made its debut at Monza in 1949 in various sports car racing events. Located in the beautiful Parco di Monza, the largest walled park in Europe and just 10 minutes by train from Italy’s stylish fashion capital Milan, it’s the perfect Grand Prix to visit for a dose of late summer sunshine, incredible food, and F1 fervour courtesy of the world renowned Tifosi.

As many of you would know from reading our blog, Italian food is very dear to us. So us not being just Formula One Fans but also Italian cuisine followers, we were keen to explore of what is on offer during the Formula One Weekend in Monza. Eating in Monza in or around the circuit with 10 restaurants and pizzerias such as the special AUT or the 73 food trucks on the track. By the way a hallmark dish for Monza is risotto with luganega sausage, known also as 'risotto alla monzese', a kind of compromise between the cuisines of Monza and Milan.

Formula 1 attracts hundreds of thousands of fans who will pass through the park and the racetrack as well as through the streets of Monza but also in the neighboring cities and towns. The people of Brianza have thought of everything that will make traffic, safety and hospitality in the city as accessible as possible. And for those who don't have tickets, or even just for those who will enjoy the grand prix as always on TV but for the occasion would also like to enjoy a good menu, perhaps with special side dishes and company. Here a few options to choose from. 

Il Circolino, the Club del Gusto designed by Claudio Sadler, offers a menu of tapas and cocktails for both lunch and dinner on the occasion of the 94th edition of the Italian Grand Prix. Each pairing is combined with a Formula 1 world championship circuit. The dishes were designed by resident chef Lorenzo Sacchi in collaboration with barlady Damara Lanzone. The “Sandwich with Luganega di Monza, Grana Padano Riserva mayonnaise, saffron and puffed rice” (€13), with a cocktail based on saffron Gin, Campari and white Vermouth is the explicit dedication to the Monza circuit. The Barcelona circuit is honored with the traditional “Croquetas of Jamon Iberico” (€2.90 each) paired with a drink in which the smoky notes of the Mezcal blend with the aromas of basil and lime and the Spanish touch of the crusta “pimientos de padron” (€12).

More pizza and tradition with Rossopomodoro, the historic restaurant of the Neapolitan chain that offers the classics of the genre with Margherita (€7.90), Marinara (€7.50) and the cult pizza Verace (€11.50) or the special seasonal like the Neranese with mozzarella, fried courgettes, mint, bacon and, straight out of the oven, buffalo fondue and provolone cheese (€12.50).

We would like to point out Il Mannarino in Arcore because it is launching the Formula 1 La Bombetta, which will be on the menu in all the group's restaurants in Milan. The dish is made up of thin slices of pork neck stuffed with goat's robiola cheese and sausage with black and white plating in homage to the checkered flag that will wave at the finish line of the Monza Circuit on Sunday 3 September.

And on Sunday, GP day, from 12.30 pm the Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan celebrates the Italian GP with a tasting menu by chefs Antonio and Vincenzo Lebano. Paired with racing-inspired dishes, with Ferrari Trento wines, the Italian bubbles chosen by Formula 1 for the podium. On the table, dishes that take their name from the emotions of the race. Then Red lights (raw tuna, Sicilian almond and figs accompanied by Ferrari Maximum Blanc de Blancs); Drs (Risotto, curly endive, buffalo cream, grilled squid and candied lemons accompanied by Ferrari Maximum Blanc de Blancs) and Finish Line (Tiramisu accompanied by Ferrari Maximum Demi Sec). Afterwards, guests will be able to follow the race in the 'La Cupola' cinema room and toast with a glass of Ferrari F1 Podium Jéroboam. 

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