Fashion Brands feature in Puglia

Until now, international tourism has been the fastest growing sector in Puglia; but most recently the fashion sector has started to focus on Puglia to diversify their investments. The most popular areas are Ostuni, Fasano and the Valle d'Itria. A number of global fashion brands, including Dolce&Gabbana and Valentino choose Puglia as the backdrop to their latest fashion events. In July, Dolce&Gabbana showcased local manufacturing and artistic heritage craftsmen of Puglia, at their open showroom in stunning Alberobello. The Puglia Region - Promotion of Commerce, Craftsmanship and Internationalization of Enterprises Section collaborated also with Vogue Italia on a co-branding promotion project aimed at enhancing the excellence and productive specializations of the sector of fashion in Puglia. Providing key players of the "Made in Puglia" supply chain, the opportunity to access the online communication platforms and social channels of Vogue Italia .

Dolce & Gabbana

In the case of Dolce&Gabbana's Alta Moda show which was a five-day event hosting ultra-high net worth clients from around the world. Including Venus Williams, Christian Bale, Erling Haaland, Kim and Kris Kardashian, and 500-or-so other guests attending the Alta Moda show set in Alberobello, a Unesco World Heritage Site. "Puglia captured our imagination with the same surge of love that we felt in Venezia, Capri, Siracusa, and all the other places on our Grand Tour,"  said Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.


Another VIP Fashion event for Valentino Beauty between Monopoli and Cisternino, where Italian VIP such as Elodie and her boyfriend Andrea Iannone were seen. In this hot summer Puglia, the beautiful land of olive trees is the favorite stage for great fashion shows, with guests from the world of entertainment and high fashion attending. Valentino Beauty  transformed the Masseria Il Melograno and Le Tamerici beach club, of the hotel group Talea Collection, leader in Puglia in the world of hospitality. The new collection of perfumes by Valentino are based on the colors of the sunset, yellow, orange, pink, red: the Instagram stories related to the event show the beach full of  Valentino branded corners, from color block cabins, to colored mattresses, from the restaurant tinged yellow to the warm-coloured relaxation area.

Giorgio Armani

Armani chooses Puglia for the cultivation of eco-sustainable cotton. The Fashion Task Force of the Sustainable Markets Initiative and the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance founded by King Charles III are involved in the project. The Group announces it with a tweet, together with the letter from Giorgio Armani. The fashion house will invest in Puglia for an eco-sustainable cotton cultivation project. The name of the initiative is "Apulia Regenerative Cotton Project" and will be implemented in collaboration with the Fashion Task Force of the Sustainable Markets Initiative and the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance. The experimental project will be coordinated by the European Forestry Institute together with the Council for Research in Agriculture and for the analysis of Agricultural Economics (CREA) and Pretaterra. Five hectares will be used in five years for the cultivation of cotton according to a regenerative system, therefore more respectful of the cycles of nature.

Benetton Group


Global giant Benetton acquired the Boccone del Cardinale resort located in Fasano in the Pozza Faceto district for 10 million euros and the San Domenico Hotels group which includes the Le Carrube farm in Ostuni and the San Domenico Hotel. The Benetton brand has formed for the occasion specifically, a real hotel management administration, which includes important partnerships including prominent personalities such as Renzo Rosso, owner of the Diesel fashion brand and Paolo Barletta of the group Arsenale, already in business with Bulgari for the management of luxury resort chains in Tuscany. 

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