Fiat will from now on only produce cars in Color!

As of 26 June, FIAT stops producing grey cars. The decision was made to enhance the importance of colors in life, embodying the Italian way of living and reaffirming the Brand’s New Dolce Vita value. Even its logo has been transformed to demonstrate this vision.

In the “No More Grey” video, FIAT CEO Olivier Francois aboard the new Fiat 600 takes a deep dive into color, under the claim “ITALY. THE LAND OF COLORS. FIAT. THE BRAND OF COLORS”. Grey was considered the most popular car color – but Fiat no longer wants to build silver-gray cars. The company invokes an Italian tradition. A captivating strategy – with risk. The commercial is already considered by experts to be one of the best of all time in the car advertising category. Fiat's CEO strolls through a typical Italian square with yellow or pink palazzi with green shutters and complains about the grey competition: "We're not talking about Germany, France or Japan. What do they have to do with Italy? Nulla!" Then he gets into a grey Fiat and closes the window. The car is dipped into a huge paint bucket by a crane and pulled out again bright orange. FIAT is the first Automotive Maker to take this revolutionary decision, starting with the new Fiat 600e.  The colors in the present and future FIAT line-up are inspired by the Italian Sea, Sun, Earth and Sky.

It is an electric Fiat 600e, the first model to use the new colorfulness decreed from the very top: in addition to the standards black, white and red, the car is available in four colors that are supposed to stand for the sun, the sand, the sea and the sky of Italy. The head of the German Advertising agency, responsible for the new commercial, Mike Meiré,  places the color patriotism of the Italians in a larger context: "The world needs hope, Europe needs optimism about the future and humanity needs symbols. Grey cars don't stimulate much."Of course, the Fiat boss also sees it this way: "We broke the rules. (...) This is a challenge and a breach of rules and is intended to strengthen Fiat's leading role as the brand of joie de vivre, colours and optimism," says Olivier François.

"Italy. The land of colors. Fiat. The brand of colors" is his slogan;  this cocktail of company interests and the Italian way of life is cleverly thought through– the term Dolce Vita should not be missing from the press release. No surprise that Neapolitan businessmen with suits, shirts and watches in colors stand at the counter at their morning caffè? The idea of Fiat's carmakers to turn the blaze of colour in their homeland into a miracle weapon has already worked with the new Fiat 500, whose success is probably also due to its often seen and irresistible baby blue. The current FIAT range - New 500, 500 Hybrid, 500X, Panda and Tipo - is available in different shades of colors among those: Gelato white, Sicilia orange, Paprika orange, Passione red, Blu Dipinto di Blu, Italia blue, Venezia blue, Rugiada green, Foresta green, Rose gold and Cinema black – all with an evocative name that remind of Italian beautiful landscapes and dolce vita mood.

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