6 special croissants to taste in Rome

From the fashions of the moment to the local interpretations of the Maritozzi, the Roman breakfast offers many options for fabulous pastries. New formats and pastry chefs contribute new perspectives  in shapes, ingredients, pastry leavening and colours  with lots of creativity. Here are a few new options for pastries and Pasticceria's in Rome!

From the laboratory of Casa Manfredi comes a special croissant. Having put aside the simple fillings with cream and chocolate, here we get serious with the vanilla Chantilly filling and a perfect dot of raspberry mayonnaise. Cutting in half is a must.

From this new opening in the Castelli Romani area of Rome, comes the trendiest croissant at the moment from Rever.  The croissant roll or suprême. It started in a New York brasserie, La Fayette, with the spiral croissant with delicious fillings. And now we find them all over the world, even on the counters of this young pastry shop that prepares them in many different flavours.

Gastromario offers a large variety of stunning puff pastries. but you will surely be impressed by this small puff pastry in the shape of a flower, a daisy, with a filling of coffee cream and chocolate drops. Valentina De Caro prepares it and you will like it even if you are not a coffee lover.

Grani Farine e Caffè - a pasticceria where Pastry Chef Giorgia Roscioli experiments with everything, in shapes, fillings, doughs in her small but professional laboratory in Monteverde. And one of the first experiments was just this, a cross between croissant and pain au chocolat. A Cocoa croissant dough that wraps around a chocolate bar, as happens in pain au chocolat. Delicious!

The cruffins of  Bakery Santi Sebastiano and Valentino are offered with a number of fillings. The cruffin, is a mix of muffins and croissants. The bakery use the best ingredients: Corman butter, organic eggs from farm shop Cupidi and brown organic sugar. So, what do they taste like? You can choose between a traditional Italian cornetto made fresh to order, filled with jam, crema or hazelnut cream with olive oil and cocoa, or even a wholewheat French croissant made with honey and toasted sunflower seeds in the dough.

They are not croissants, but Maritozzi from Azzurra Florean da Faro's are a special dough. Maritozzi can be just filled with cream or  with lemon cream and pine nuts - the Maricordo.  But the Mariblanc with chestnut cream and meringue, or the Marinoir with dark chocolate cream, caramel and candied ginger are also other options for breakfast!

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