But was the (real) Cotoletta born in Milan or Vienna?

The Cotoletta alla Milanese is a second dish typical of the cuisine of Milan, together with the Risotto alla Milanese and the Ossobucco. The Cotoletta is a slice of veal loin (usually bone-in) first breaded with egg and breadcrumbs and finally fried in clarified butter. Delicious crunchy and golden on the outside, soft on the inside, super tasty! Even more than the Cinque Giornate of 1848, the symbol that opposes Milan to the "former Austrian invader" today has the shape of a steaming breaded steak. Cotoletta alla Milanese against Wiener Schnitzel, in short, in a "battle of the origins" that not even the wars of independence have managed to settle and put to rest. The main difference between the two, is for the Milanese version the meet cut includes the bone, whereas with the Wiener Schnitzel there is no bone, and the meat is beaten to be flat. The authentic Wiener Schnitzel must be veal. The rumor according to which it was Marshal Radetzky, stationed in the Lombardo Veneto since 1831, who introduced the "Milanese Schnitzel" to the emperor Cecco Beppe must also be denied: at the time the "Wiener Schnitzel" was already universally known.


2 slices of veal loin with the bone about 250 g, each about 5 mm thick (or 2 slices of veal loin with the bone; alternatively you can choose 2 slices of veal without the bone); 2 small eggs; bread crumbs; 150 g of clarified butter; Maldon type salt flakes


First of all, with the help of a meat tenderizer, flatten the slices a little so that they have more or less the same thickness. Then dip each cutlet in the breadcrumbs, then in the beaten egg and finally again in the breadcrumbs.

In order to obtain a homogeneous breading present in every part. Then mash well. Then heat a large frying pan with the clarified butter. Wait for it to melt at a not excessive temperature and cook your ribs for about 3 minutes on each side. extend by 1 minute on each side if you want them well cooked. Don't forget to sprinkle the bone with the hot butter with a spoon, so that the meat is cooked evenly throughout. Reduce the cooking time to 1 minute per side if you have thin slices, or increase the times if your slices are quite thick. The final result must be a golden – caramelised colour. Finally sprinkle with salt and serve hot; in this case with rocket and cherry tomatoes previously seasoned with a drizzle of oil and salt.

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