Helen Mirren's appeal to Puglia's Film Festival Ora: "Save the Olives"

The Oscar-winning actress, in a summery geranium red look, launched an appeal to raise awareness of the Xylella plague that afflicts olive trees in Puglia, at the recent Puglia Film Festival Ora in Monopoli. Helen Mirren has long been "at home" in Puglia, and she demonstrated her love for Puglia, with launching the "Save the Olives" appeal from the stage of Ora! Fest (June 3rd to 7th) in the Apulian town, to make the public aware of the serious scourge of Xylella, which is particularly aggressive towards olive trees in the region. 

From June 3 -7, the Ora Film Festival started; the main theme of the festival is the environment and social justice; it's the first green festival in Puglia,   strictly following the rules set by the Italian Festival Association for "green cinema", and it will invite world-renowned actors, directors, screenwriters and producers to discuss how to implement concrete actions on the territory - in collaboration with the Sylva Foundation.  A cast of cinema legends are participating such as Dame Helen Mirren, Terry Gilliam, Marisa Tomei, Matt Dillon and Matthew Modine.

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