TV Series to watch on Rai Replay in May!

Season 7 Un Passo Dal Cielo is airing on Rai from 30 March 2023.  Inspector Pietro Thiene works with Commissioner Vincenzo Nappi, who has been newly transferred to the city. Thiene's knowledge about the local terrain and mountains makes his everyday work easy.

Among the new proposals on the Rai 1 schedule, 

Vivere non è un gioco da ragazzi - "Living is not a boy's game" stands out, a miniseries based on the book "The tour of truth" by Fabio Bonifacci and directed by Rolando Ravello.

Blanca, a young woman who is blind, joins the Genoa police force and works as a consultant, decoding audio materials to find clues. However, a complex case forces her to confront her mysterious past. Blanca is an Italian police procedural drama television series, which was broadcast on Rai 1 from 22 November 2021. It is based on the eponymous book series by Patrizia Rinaldi, first published in 2009. The TV series is set in Genoa and stars Maria Chiara Giannetta as the titular character: a blind, intern aspiring to become a consultant profiler at the fictitious San Teodoro police station. Co-stars are Giuseppe Zeno as her mentor Michele, a detective and Enzo Paci as Mauro the Deputy Commissioner. The series comprises 12 single episodes or six double-length episodes. The series also follows Blanca's personal life, how she became blind, and her older sister's murder.

Imma Tataranni, a deputy prosecutor, uses unconventional methods to investigate various cases. She also has to deal with problems at home caused by her eccentric husband and rebellious daughter.

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