Foostock at Rome - Street Food Festival 1 April

The countdown begins in view of Foodstock, the Street Food Festival in Rome, which will take place at the Appia Joy Park, the new 45,000 m2 multifunctional park in Rome. Duration of the event is over the weekend of 1 and 2 April and 15 and 16 April, from 10 to 22. A must for food lovers, a unique event that offers over 160 irresistible culinary propositions accompanied by a vast selection of beers and wines. The excellence of street food will be presented at Foodstock, with a careful selection of street chefs, to celebrate the most popular Italian and international dishes and a great variety of recipes, including vegan and vegetarian ones.

Many different cuisines will be presented at Foodstock;  with a wide range of flavors and freshly cooked products with high quality raw materials from different countries, from distant places and be surrounded by many flavors. From dishes with rich and intense flavors of Brazilian and ethnic cuisine, to gourmet hamburgers, sandwiches and shells of the sea, stuffed fried pizza, fried chicken, meatballs, Gianluca Vacchi's made in Italy kebab, and zeppoline. From Abruzzo come the much-loved “hand-cut” Pecora Arrosticini and the pork or sheep stew; from Puglia an explosion of flavor with bombette, the long leavened Altamura focaccia stuffed with mortadella or black pork neck, Black Angus, caciocavallo; from Tuscany the famous artisan sandwich with “Chianti tuna” and from the Marche region the artisanal stuffed olives, cremini and fried cheese. For lovers of Roman cuisine rivers of carbonara, amatriciana, gricia, cacio e pepe and gnocchi. In addition, 3 different types of kebab: Italian chicken and Halal certified to also allow Muslim customers to try it; Italian veal and turkey, certified Halal, for a flavor more similar to that of tradition; Planted completely vegetable, ideal for vegans, vegetarians and the curious.

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